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Hyper-Bowl-E 5000

Posted in Free Fallin' Into 2011 by Huckleberry on February 4, 2011

Or, time for another Super Bowl game.
I am kind of glad that its taking place in a part of the country that is dealing with record snow, ice, and calamity.
Having reporters bitch about the weather and how miserable they are is better then having reporters bust their synapses six ways from sideways to find new and fresh angles to RATCHET UP THE HYPE for the big game.
If this were the old blog, I’d put some cleverly worded links to previous examples such hyperbolic hype, but alas, you’ll just have to take my word for it.
For the past bazillion Super Bowls there was a clear favorite and woeful underdog, and for the past five years, the woeful underdog has managed to make some spectacular, suspenseful games.
Now, for the first time in a long time, the game pits two teams that seem completely evenly matched in every way, with the lowest gambling line in 20 years.
So naturally it’ll be a spectacular blowout.
Green Bay 41, Pittsburgh 13
Personally, I’m spending my weekend in my office, working on freelance writing and watching the Top Gear marathon for three straight days.
So, there’s that.
I’ll probably watch the game, but to be honest the football season really ends for me after the Conference Champ games.


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