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Ides of March Madness

Posted in Free Fallin' Into 2011 by Huckleberry on March 15, 2011

The best view in the house, but failing Game. Plus, my alma mater is going to the Final Four.

Holy Hell, its half way through March already.
Somebody, hit the brakes quick.
At this rate, I’ll be dead by October.
Its funny, how much of my education was wasted trying to study time, its nature and how it works. That for all of my study, research and experimentation, I know less, I think, than I did before.
Not really, but I loved in my ignorance the illusion provided by clocks and wristwatches that we could somehow harness time, categorize it and make it conform to our standards.
Of course, time laughs at you, standing at the bus stop, nervously checking your watch for the 15th time in five minutes.
The first thing that you learn in contemporary temporal mechanics is that artificially measured time is cute, but wildly inaccurate and wholly meaningless.
It is not linear, there is no “River” of time flowing from the past, through to the present into an unknown yet bountiful future.
Time, like space, is just as dependent upon perspective as anything else in the universe. View it from a slightly altered angle, and that straight timeline suddenly looks like something from a bad Escher painting.
Time makes no sense, and is not meant to.
Some of the math goes so far as to suggest that, technically, I may not even be born yet.
Yes, I got a masters degree in this.
Stop looking at me like that.
Anyway, March Madness kicks off on my favorite day, St. Patrick’s Day, where I celebrate part of my heritage by getting even more hammered than usual and punching the first Englishman I can find in the face. Great year because on top of that I get to watch college B-Ball all day for four days straight.
And the weather’s just absolutely incredible, so I foresee a lot of time outside.
There will be BBQ, and beer, probably some bourbon.
Get ’em in.


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  1. Giraffe said, on March 16, 2011 at 08:53

    I like to think about the concepts of physics. I don’t like to get into the math. Math sucks.

    Time is certainly a mind boggling thing. One of the implications of relativity (as I understand it) is that the universe all began at the same instant, yet parts of it are of different age. WTF? And time stops in a black hole. How? From the frame of reference of a photon, it arrives at the same instant it left.

    And quantam mechanics is so strange I can’t believe it.

    I won’t be doing any BBQ for a few weeks. March madness for me means spring snow goose season.

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