Rollin' Like Sisyphus


Posted in The Fail Pail by Huckleberry on October 13, 2011

At least they can save money on signs and Web domains with a Sharpie and a URL shortener.
Plus, are you absolutely fucking kidding me with this shit?

How do you top the first black man in the White House?
You nominate the potential second black man for the office.
I have no idea why Cain is suddenly so popular, after spending the entire race in the basement.
My gut says its less about him stepping forward so much, rather all of the other putative candidates stepping backward.
And by “stepping backward” of course I mean crashing and burning horribly, like Red One.
Cain’s superlatives seem to consist of his ability to give a good speech, and that he ran a pizza franchise I’ve never heard of.
That’s it.
Oh, and he has a tax plan that sounds like something T-Mobile tried to sell me just before they imploded and merged with AT&T.
I still contend that he won’t get the nomination, based on the fact that he didn’t see the recession coming as late as 2007, and that everyone has to know that the media will bludgeon him to death in the general election over his comments about Muslims, religion, and his complete cluelessness regarding, well, everything.
But hey, he’s black.
They can’t call us* racists anymore!
Oh, wait

* And by “us” I mean “them.” **
** And by “them” I mean “you.” ***
*** And by “you” I mean “not democrats.”


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  1. B. Holly said, on October 14, 2011 at 07:54

    Am I the only one who gets Rancid’s “Maxwell Murder” stuck in their head every time someone mentions Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan?

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