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It’s Really More Of A Fiscal B.A.S.E. Jump When You Think About It

Posted in The Fail Pail by Huckleberry on January 1, 2013
Might as well...

Might as well…

It is officially 2013.
Despite all expectations, I’ve survived 2012, every bloody day of it, with everything it had to throw at me.
I survived.
Which is really all I can say, so we’ll roll with it.
I also survived New Year’s Eve, which I’ve always hated, which has always been harrowing, but given how mellow I play it now, it’s not so bad. We had my niece and nephew – 11 years old – over and played cards/games until they crashed about an hour away from the witching hour. Had my customary final drink of the year (1792 Ridgemont Reserve) in quite repose listening to some Sam Cooke and one of the new brand of Old Radio Serials podcasts, and I have to say my mood has improved considerably.
As I write this on the first evening of the New Year, a pissy House GOP Caucus plans to vote and likely approve a deal that “saves” middle class taxpayers from the ramifications of the last awesome deal they struck this past year on a gamble that President Ladies Tee was going to be sent packing from the White House.
Amid all the tough talk, they’re doing what we knew they would do, though there is a chance it’ll all fall apart.
We’ll see, I guess.
But it’s a new year with a new purpose, and though I’m runnin’ short on optimism of any kind, we’re powering through into 2013 with or without my consent, so who am I to stand athwart the space-time continuum yelling “STOP!”?
It be what it be.
Looking forward, though, there are things that 2013 has to offer, and things it has to suffer, and the goal of any right-thinking individual should be to navigate more toward one than the other wherever possible.
What do I think will happen in 2013?
Your nearly worthless money will continue to be worth less.
For the first time in a long time, a significant majority of incumbent politicians will face successful primary challenges heading into the next election season.
President Ladies Tee will push on toward an agenda that seeks to demolish the national GOP party, though his efforts will stall out, because much like myself, the national GOP doesn’t have much left to lose.
A couple of natural/manmade disasters will make the media cream their collective pants at the prospect of bearing witness to more human suffering.
Time will continue to get away from me at an accelerated rate.
I’m going to make a concerted effort to rehab what ails me, get back to working on some of the projects that have fallen away this past year, and come what may, I’m going to end 2013 better than I started it.
For once.
For a measure of that success, we’ll find out in 364.15 days.


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