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You Never Think A Cop Is Psycho Till He Stabs You In The Shower

Posted in Headlines by Huckleberry on February 9, 2013

So we see the violence inherent in the system as a former LAPD officer blows off some steam by waging war against his former employer. Posting an philosophically and intellectually incoherent manifesto on, of all places, Facebook, the New Black Aristotle is still on the lamb. However egregious his actions were, let it be said that the panicky officers of the LAPD did themselves no favors by firing indiscriminately into the vehicles of civilians unfortunate enough to be driving trucks that didn’t actually match the suspect’s vehicles at all. The news reports mention two incidents, but there were actually five – the other three occurring much later in the day.
One estimate has the number of shots fired by police at innocents at more than 100. Call it a miracle, call it ineptitude (I’ll call it ineptitude), but none of the civilians were killed.

A Syllogism:

A) Crazy, violent, brutish thugs author manifestos.
B) Karl Marx authored a manifesto
C) Therefore, Karl Marx is…


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