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We’ve Played To Bigger Readerships, But Quality Still Counts For Something

Posted in Life's A Gamble by Huckleberry on June 22, 2013
I always said this was less like a blog and more like a Bennigan's. Plus, if I ever rename this space again, it's going to be this...

I always said this was less like a blog and more like a Bennigan’s. Plus, if I ever rename this space again, it’s going to be this…

Just about three years ago, I pulled the plug (under duress!) from the old digs and set up shop here. In that time, my then-modest readership became the Internet traffic-equivalent of a Hijab: amorphous potential swaddled beneath thick, swampy fabric from head-to-toe.
Combined with the old site, this date marks a full decade of blogging to at least six people continuously.
I couldn’t have done it without you, except that it sort of feels like I have.
It’s a strange thing, this blogging. Back when it was the hip new thing, I took to it out of boredom whiling away the late-night hours manning a police scanner, compiling a police blotter and other assorted duties for a smallish local newspaper. Saying shit came easy, writing it even easier; I didn’t set out to talk politics, or really anything else. The blog was a passing ship, gliding by in the dead of a moonless night. You weren’t sure where it was coming from, or where it was heading too, and it was in all probability true that captain of that ship was equally ignorant of those facts.
I’d like to think some of that still is the case, though with less F-bombs, but I’m a poor fucking judge of things like that.
Anyway, I don’t recall how many (if any) of you have been ‘round since Day 1ish.
2003 seems like last week and 1,000 years ago in equal measure. A lot of things have changed in the interim, but most of the important stuff hasn’t – for me or for the world.
Things in my life tend to come in clumps – 2003 I moved back to this God-forsaken city, met my wife, got a job and started a blog. Ten years hence, all of those things are still true, except I have a shittier job.
Reflecting on things like this, one has to wonder about the quality.
Am I any better at this than before?
I wager no, if only for the frequency. Oddly enough, I started this blog during the six minutes that I gave a shit about politics – the six minutes of my life that I belonged to a political party (Libertarians), yet for whatever reason I don’t think this space has ever been overtly political. I don’t advocate for a particular thing beyond what common sense demands.
At any rate, it’s been a weird 10 years, and if we’re all here in another 10, we’ll really be cooking with butter.


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