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Tach It Up, Buddy, Gonna Shut You Down

Posted in Our Simple Affirmative Action President by Huckleberry on October 1, 2013


The House GOP will show how well they know when to fold ‘em. Plus, if federal employees are still standing by to molest you at every airport in the land, can we stop calling it a “shutdown?”

I don’t know if it’s an artifact of growing older, if it’s a happenstantial adjustment to a society in stark, marked decline, or if it’s just a character flaw in my own constitution, but it seems the only thing I look forward to is the trainwrecks in life; the moments where the people and institutions I loathe disintegrate in a very humiliating yet deserving way. Take for example the former head coach of the University of Southern California football team. They pulled him off the team bus like he was a criminal, fired him, then made him take a cab home.
I enjoyed that.
Of course, the downside is that now, the biggest thing holding USC in the tar pit of mediocrity is now past them, and they’ll probably be on the path to getting right. And that’s the real lesson here. Every victory now seems Pyrrhic, fun for a moment, but ultimately leading somewhere worse.
It’s the same with the House GOP’s Shutdown! gambit.
It’s fun that they think they’re going to accomplish anything, it’s cute that the news is showing wall-to-wall vignettes about people who desperately need “government services” to get through each and every day, complete with soft-focus cutaways to their young children looking worried and pensive. A directorial feat in its own right, to be sure. It’s amusing to hear the GOP braintrust talk tough all while knowing they’re going to cave, soon, without having gained anything they say they were trying to gain.
So what’s the point of it all?
To get you inbred hoi polloi off their backs.
Lately, some have compared the GOP and the Dems to the Generals and the Globetrotters, respectively – that the GOP always loses in embarrassing fashion to the Globetrotters. Keep in mind, though, that the Generals are in on the fix from the get-go. They understand their role to play, just as the GOP knows its role to play – marginal resistance that provides a pressure release valve for the conservative side of the electorate. In more ordinary times, this has worked like a charm; in this era of Twilight Time in America, less so.
Anyway, I’m enjoying the spectacle, because as the old line from Richard II says – when the Fall is all that’s left, that’s all that really matters.
Or something to that degree.


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