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Just A Few More Crooked Miles Till We’re Mercifully Done With This Wretched Road

Posted in The Fail Pail by Huckleberry on November 8, 2013
The middle of nowhere is also surrounded by nowhere all along its periphery. Plus, at least its the damn weekend already.

The middle of nowhere is also surrounded by nowhere all along its periphery. Plus, at least its the damn weekend already.

Or so the pun’its hope.
The government’s a trainwreck, emphasis on the train and the wreck. Our Simple Affirmative Action President is a lying liar who lies about his lies, and qualifies those lies with lies, adding context and filling in the blanks of those lies with lies.
So, honestly, par for the course for the average Chief Executive.
This whole fiasco is exactly why I wanted Our Simple Affirmative Action President to be re-elected. I keep waiting for the whole damn thing to hit bottom, but it just keeps tumbling down. The cute part is that the GOP thinks its going to come out ahead in this; but we know better. Even if they try to do something that seems clever on the surface, like unify the party behind a “dream” ticket of Chris “Rotundo” Christie and Ted “The Mexicans Will Surely Vote For Us Now” Cruz.
But it won’t work. Too many former GOP voters are simply done with the party, done with the backstabbing, done with the uselessness and futility of voting for the guys who talk the right game, then stand millimeters to the right of the Democrats and say “We got your back, bro.” Even a unity ticket will fail, because there isn’t anything left to unify. The GOP simply doesn’t realize yet that the voters they used to pay lip-service to have left the camp.
This is how we get President Sheriff Joe Biden.
I am not kidding.
Now that I’ve sufficiently put the fear of God into you, let’s walk it back a little and shift gears.
Fall is in full plummet here, and now that the trees I planted when I first moved into this joint have started to mature a little and develop robust leaves, my free Autumn time involves a lot more raking. The BBQ’s been slow; the reading pile has grown precipitously high without my having made even a little dent in it. I’ve had a bunch of side work that I should be tendin’ to right now, but I just don’t have it in me. A fire’s lit, a bourbon’s warming me up proper, the house has a strange silence about it, and a useless ballgame between two schools I couldn’t care less about trundles on in the background. UCLA’s first B-Ball game tips off in a couple of hours.
I’ve toyed with the idea of simply getting rid of my television. All it ever does is aggravate me, what with the news, the sports, the thousands of useless shows I don’t watch. If it weren’t for the sports, I would have tossed it years ago – habits die hard I guess.
Speaking of sports, I’ve been toying with a sports/football blog because I just about completely hate the entire sports media scene now. Maybe it’s an attempt to help me make sports enjoyable again, maybe it’s just a way to waste otherwise productive time, I don’t know.
Under construction, but here’s the idea: From the Shotgun
There had been talk during the summer to get the Ilk together to start a football blog site. Maybe I can bring some of that together with this.
I don’t know.
Speaking of the Ilk, this thread brought back a lot of good memories; a lot of stuff I didn’t realize I’d forgotten, and made me lament the all-too-quick passage of time.
It’s worth a read.


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  1. Doom said, on November 9, 2013 at 20:08

    Here and I thought you were cynical. Seriously, I now think you have every bit as good of a handle on things as I do, maybe better. And I don’t hand that sort of idea out very often. I, however, am cynical. Or… something like that.

    I am hoping to stock up food, a bit more of it and mostly proteins. I hope my food lasts a bit through whatever is about to happen. There is some hope that politics hasn’t killed the hope that America really was, and could be. But there will be a lot of… trouble in between now and getting back to that, if it’s possible. A few more tools, like a solid, long lasting, wheat grinder. Perhaps learning to raise chickens. It is going to get ugly, no matter how it turns out.

    And, yeah. I quit being republican half way through Bush the Younger’s term. Can’t go Dem, they really are worse if it looks like they have pretty much joined forces at this point, mostly. I vote for me, mine, and my kind, as and where I can, leaving the ballot to tend itself since there isn’t really a choice.

    I did go over to your sports blog. I was hoping to rekindle something. My cynicism for sports is almost as profound as for politics, so I just couldn’t do it. I wish you luck on the effort though. I saw your point enough to… at least give it a whirl. Too much else is wrong with sports, the casters and jock-journalists are just the crap on top of the rest of the crap, for me. Hmm, watch but turn down the volume? I used to do that with boxing when the idiots started talking… or wouldn’t shut up, actually. Until the rigging in boxing became so blatant that there was no sport left. No reason for me to watch… Almost three decades ago now? Maybe it was always that way, but it went downhill in my eyes.

  2. El Borak said, on November 10, 2013 at 11:26

    I was hoping we could cut a deal with Biden: keep him as VP forever in exchange for him never becoming President. Too late?

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