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Science: Stare Down The Universe, It Just May Blink First

Posted in The Fail Pail by Huckleberry on February 6, 2014


Excellent news from the Peer Review Farm:

The researchers, who first proposed their idea in 2007, argue that continuous observation of the universe might put it into a state that will destroy us all. Their theory relates to a strange property of quantum physics which controls the behaviour of subatomic particles and possibly the whole universe.

Well, that sounds scary.
But I’m not convinced.
Convince me, Scientists:

In the Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment, a cat in a box whose fate is decided by subatomic particles is both alive and dead until someone lifts the lid and observes it.

Only then is the cat discovered to be either ‘alive’ or ‘dead’.

Sure, but in that allegory applied to the universe, we’re not the observer so much as we are the cat.

This is what happens when your “science” is built on maths consisting of placeholders and placeholders for the placeholders. The same math also includes the possibility that time isn’t linear, which opens up the possibility that universe ceased to exist eons ago, we just haven’t caught on yet.

And people say feminists are fantasists.


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