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Panic In The Golden State

Posted in The Fail Pail by Huckleberry on February 10, 2014


I don’t know how the news in the other 49 states is playing it, but the shittiest state in the Union is suffering through “the worst drought in history” even though I remember in my short lifetime two other droughts that persisted far longer, with far less precipitation.
The scare-mongers are trying to pin it on Global Warming:

A week ago, Denis McDonough, President Obama’s chief of staff, sought to connect the drought to global warming. “California,” he said, “is now seeing some pretty serious developments as a result of climate change.”

Of course, if only I’d purchased a Prius sooner, all of this could’ve been avoided.
But wait a second:

The immediate cause of the drought is a lingering pocket of high pressure, a wall of air, sitting off the West Coast and deflecting moisture-bearing storms away from California. Before these latest storms, the state had received only 12 percent of its usual snowpack during this wet season, leaving mountains bare and reservoirs depleted, with the normally dry spring and summer looming. The high pressure relented some over the weekend, letting the storms through, but experts say it could reconstitute itself afterward and persist for a long time.

Oh, so you mean its all part of a natural cycle driven by the effects of that giant thermo-nuclear reactor streaking across the sky each and every day? Are we finally admitting in the major press that the whole warming/cooling/warming/change thing is a scam?
Short answer is no:

Some research suggests there could be a general link between these sorts of atmospheric effects and global warming, and higher average temperatures are likely to exacerbate droughts. But in California’s case, this year’s crisis also doesn’t appear to be unprecedented in the historical record.

Long story short, one of the main reasons that California is short on water this year, all of a sudden, is that storms have been diverted north and south of the area for a few months, which ordinarily wouldn’t be a huge deal, except the state’s core of wackos, by which I mean basically ordinary residents of California, have adopted this crazy practice of flooding the San Joaquin River Valley with fresh, clean water from our reservoirs to “protect” the region’s delta smelt.
Millions of gallons are diverted and basically thrown away every year on this, but I soon look forward to paying three times as much for my water (four times, if you throw in government utility corruption), in addition to strict rationing.
I’ve always said, the politicians that control your local water are far more important, and wield considerably more influence on your day-to-day life than the President, Congress and Judiciary of the United States of America.


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  1. Doom said, on February 12, 2014 at 11:24

    I was wondering. I noticed the uptick, but have been in the medicinal dumps, so haven’t been checking in. It’s why I write as prolifically as I (usually) do. Putting it down, sometimes getting feedback, keeps things… in some sort of perspective. Plus, they will need all the evidence they can get, as stupid as the kangaroo courts will be. Some of the judges will fall for my b.s. in court and have to be tried themselves, even with the “evidence”. 🙂

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