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When An Obsolete Society Attempts To Replace You

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on February 10, 2014

No podemos.

The House GOP, led by the leathery, weeping vagina of a Congressman from Ohio, Mr. John Boner [sic], keeps doing the two-step on a set of amorphous “Reform Principles” regarding the “major problem” of a broken immigration system. And by “broken immigration system,” they don’t mean that we’re letting in too many illegals, its that we aren’t bringing in enough, and they shouldn’t be illegal in any case. Not out of humanitarian concerns, but from a simple dollar-and-cents calculation.
And that calculation is that the indigenous population isn’t having enough kids, and the few that are exist among the population of Americans that the government would rather didn’t procreate. Better to import laborers accustomed to working both hard and stupidly, who crank out kids that either follow in those footsteps or go to college, take out loans and happily agitate for La Raza.
This is Old News to most of you, I’m sure, but the Democrats obviously want this amnesty passed for the votes – but I’m sure many of the newly legal will be shocked to learn that they’ve voted in every election previously without their knowledge – but many pun’its can’t figure out what the GOP angle is here. The lip service is that the GOP wants to win over those “naturally Catholic and conservative” Latinos, despite the fact that the most Latino-friendly candidates haven’t been able to win over any more Latinos than non-Latino friendly GOP candidates.
But what no one seems to talk about is staring you right in the face – both sides really want this only for the money. Illegals only pay sales and gas taxes. They don’t pay income tax. They don’t pay payroll tax. They don’t pay Social Security, Medicare, FICA, or SDI. If they were made legal, the logic goes, they would pay all of this, the benefits of coming out of the shadows.
While I think it’s a sellout, the whole damn thing is hilarious. When the money turns funny and the welfare EBT cards start declining at the liquor store, the jig is up and the illegals go home. They aren’t here to be Americans, they aren’t here to vote Democrat or bail out the GOP from having to slash entitlements. They’re here for menial labor and free shit.
Once that’s gone, so are they.


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  1. El Borak said, on February 10, 2014 at 11:29

    The only thing that’s missing in America is anger. Not ‘rage,’ that fauxphisticated liberal excuse to yell and scream about too many Subways on campus, but the seething resentment toward everything and everyone that arises from a virtual dust bowl of broken promises, boredom, and hobo stew made of Alpo, clover, and road kill. Once Americans actually get angry enough to turn off Idol and make a few straw torches, both Repubs and Dems are going to very very surprised that the no one is listening to them much anymore.

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