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Wherein Huckleberry Takes In A Movie

Posted in Life's A Gamble by Huckleberry on April 7, 2014
Shields up.

Shields up.

I don’t generally do movie reviews, because I don’t generally go to the cinema often enough, and usually when I do, I find little to nothing worthy of commentary. And I’m not about to start now.
However, this past weekend I took in a “Talkie” as my grandfather would call it, and I found something worth marking out and settin’ to paper.
The film in question is Captain America, Winter Wonderbar, or some such.
I don’t know.
The movie overall was a little hokey, but definitely a commentary on President Drone Strike’s unabashed Hellfire From the Sky approach to interpersonal relations, coupled with an all-seeing, all-invasive NSA-esque stand-in villain. It was clear that ole Cap was definitely against pre-emptively spyin’ on and killin’ folks.
But that’s not what I found worthy of note.
For a Summer popcorn flick with a Boy Scout, Apple-Pie-and-Chevrolet hero, the movie depicted a lot of dead cops.
Dozens of dead cops.
Killed by the heroes.
With cause and without apology.
Granted, the cops in question turned out to be evil double agents of something or other, but the visceral experience of watching the film’s protagonists laying waste to uniformed officers of the law used to be one of those things that caused controversy.
Now, nary a peep.
If ever you were looking for a sign that any of a number of tides be a’turning, this is movie is it.
And not a moment too soon.


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