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The Next Ten Years – Beginning At The End (Part 1)

Posted in The Next Ten Years by Huckleberry on April 10, 2014

Bring a flashlight. And a wind-up radio.

Bring a flashlight. And a wind-up radio.

People love stories.
So much so, that they turn everything into a narrative, crafting stories with sets of data, with selections of events, with inanimate objects, with the motions of the stars traversing the nighttime sky.
And what is a story but a chain of plot points influencing and determining each other?
This penchant for narrata-morphizing makes us focus on the cause of things; assigning blame, administering praise, looking for roots and establishing links.
If our civic order is in decline (it is) and if it’s drundling on toward an inexorable climax (it is), our penchant for narrative demands a catalyst. One event that the dimestore historians of tomorrow will look to as the obvious First Domino in the Daisy Chain of Our Demise.
Just like an assassination set off WWI.
The only problem with this mode of thinking is that, had that ONE event simply been avoided or remediated, then CRISIS SOLVED! Yet nothing could be further from the truth. WWI was going to get kicked off, sooner rather than later, whether it was the happenstantial assassination of an alliterative prince, or some other excuse for Germany to look at France cross-wise.
Just like now. Whatever happens in the next 10 years, however the decline and fall plays out, there will almost certainly be no single catalyst responsible; too many variables – both competing and complementary – are at play, and no one factor can be removed to forestall the current path.
Prognosticators fall into this trap as well.
Most assume that the foundation of a given situation is a stable status quo, waiting for some careless dolt to pull out the one key brick in the wall, allowing everything else to tumble.
The misery, poverty, conflict, strife, war, agitation, plague and reimagined cartography that will underpin the transition from the end of our existing paradigm to the beginning of the next one won’t have a clearly articulated progentitive moment, yet the historians of tomorrow will establish one through collaborative consensus anyway.
That’s how you get published, even in the post-apocalypse.
While there certainly will be events that shape and define the course of history, some much more heavily than others, this doesn’t lend itself to a catalyst-based view of the impending decade. The major problems will come regardless, pushed more quickly by some potential types of events, slowed down by others.
Even with the one happy(er) scenario I imagine for how a lot of the misery and tumult may be avoided mitigated, the paradigm will shift between now and then, because the dundlecart of the existing order has reached its apogee up the hill of Human Progress, and it’s gravity’s turn to take the wheel for a while.


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  1. El Borak said, on April 10, 2014 at 15:41

    WWI was going to get kicked off, sooner rather than later

    This is exactly right – the Archduke’s death didn’t start WWI, it gave a lot of people looking to start WWI an excuse to get it underway.

    It’s like 2008, where we had a bubble in search of a pin. Something was going to set it off, and something did, and ain’t it just the biggest coincidence that it was a political decisions by the other party that caused it all? If we had just done/avoided/passed/stopped x, it would still be 2007 for years and years to come. At least that’s what the twits say.

    So now we have a bigger bubble in search of a pin. What’s the pin? It really doesn’t matter except in the placing of blame. Which only goes to show that the main reason history teaches that we learn nothing from history is that like math, it’s too valuable for the purposes of politics to be actually listened to.

  2. Doom said, on April 10, 2014 at 19:07

    Dang it, El Borak, beating me to the punch a-gain. :p

    I’m not like most folk. I really do… see things. In dreams, visions. I only roughly follow the news, but even then I am looking for what is not said, what is hidden, and… like a black hole seeker, looking for the darkness, the absence of light. But I don’t depend on the news. I feel it in my bones. But, that means I can’t be sure of just how big this will be, or exactly what form it will take. In a sense, the latter of those doesn’t matter. Then again, from what I have seen, no one really knows much, save that those with a nose to the wind and ear to the tracks know something big and bad is on the way.

    The causes are already set in stone. The only way to undue the path would be to undo much of what is known as civil, economic, and political normality. Only cataclysm will do that. Too many people, for example, are economically tied to the ludicrous creation of wealth through thin air politics. Every nation, every corp, every wealthy investor, depends on making money from nothing to spread around, often doing nothing positive and needed, thus exacerbating the ever increasing problem. Just that alone guarantees the outcome, if not a precise timeline. They have been doing this for a while. And so long as everyone who knows “just believes” (or “commits suicide” hehe), then it will all… work for a while longer. But they are having trouble getting people to eat the poisoned mushrooms, so the hammer is being used. And… that is just one very minute piece of the failed puzzle.

    It isn’t the other shoe that will drop. It’s a matter of which one will hit you from the storm of dropped shoes, in particular. And that will depend on where you live, what you do for a living, how prepared you are, and just plain luck… most of it bad, all of it anthropomorphic. None of it, however, will involve grobal warbling. That is just another way to get governments to spend money, and send business to foreign nations, whether for “social justice” or whatever reason, or real reason, there is.

    Still… I’ve got popcorn and a means to pop it, and peanuts, to last me a while. Oh, he laughed, he cried, he pooped, he scooped. Yum!

  3. Huckleberry said, on April 11, 2014 at 13:47

    So now we have a bigger bubble in search of a pin. What’s the pin? It really doesn’t matter except in the placing of blame

    The one subtle rule of politics has always been that when everyone’s guilty, no one’s to blame.
    And here we are.

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