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You Know What Day It Is

Posted in The Fail Pail by Huckleberry on April 15, 2014
You can't go home again.

You can’t go home again.

That’s right, it’s Jackie Robinson Day!
Sorry, this is no time for jokes.
Grab your calendars and grab your ankles.
It’s Tax Day here in the Land of the Brave and Home of the Free.
In that spirit, I offer the varied wisdom of people who knew a thing or two about taxation:

Taxation is the price we pay for failing to build a civilized society. The higher the tax level, the greater the failure. A centrally planned totalitarian state represents a complete defeat for the civilized world, while a totally voluntary society represents its ultimate success.

– Mark Skousen


If taxation without consent is robbery, the United States government has never had, has not now, and is never likely to have, a single honest dollar in its treasury. If taxation without consent is not robbery, then any band of robbers have only to declare themselves a government, and all their robberies are legalized.

– Lysander Spooner


Government spending is taxation. When you look at this, I’ve never heard of a poor person spending himself into prosperity; let alone I’ve never heard of a poor person taxing himself into prosperity.

– Arthur Laffer


The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.

– Vladimir Lenin


Taxation: how the sheep are shorn.

– Edward Abbey

Happy Tax Day!


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