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Good Music Friday

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on May 16, 2014

‘Bout that time again.
The weekend looks hot with a side of sweat, and most of the things I need to do are taking place outside.
You know its hot when the ants invade your home, bypass the food entirely, simply because they want to walk around on the cool porcelain of the fixtures.
So I get to whip up some Ant Kill tomorrow morning.
Aside from that, the weekend doesn’t look too bad.
On the Good News front, my sister now knows for sure that she’s bringing another niece into the world who is perfectly healthy. Seems for months they couldn’t get a read on the gender because the little bugger refused to cooperate.
So if you have no other reason to raise a drink tonight, raise one for that.
And since Time has been such a thing, here is a musical selection to suit the occasion.
May you all enjoy fair weather, my friends.
Have a good weekend, and get ’em in.


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  1. El Borak said, on May 16, 2014 at 14:09

    My week’s been more like this, but it can’t all be mandolins and tambourines, can it?

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