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Junior Election Day

Posted in The Fail Pail by Huckleberry on June 3, 2014

It's getting to be about that time...

It’s getting to be about that time…

It’s the state’s primary election today.
Mailed in my ballot over the weekend.
Left everything blank, because that’s the closest the system allows me to get to a vote of NO CONFIDENCE.
But the area has been flooded with commercials for primary hopefuls hoping to stay alive long enough to lose in November. Most of them are for state and US congressional candidates running in Latino-heavy districts, which makes me wonder – prime ad time on the networks still isn’t cheap, but would it be more beneficial to run these ads on MUNDO FOX instead of CRACKER FOX? Maybe hit up Piolin instead of KFI?
Don’t know.
But there is one ad that’s been floating around the past couple of weeks that for some reason amuses me:

The metaphors alone could knock me over.
So one must ask: some sign of a turning tide or just another Quixote with a windmill to ax?
Don’t know that, either.
But what I do know is, that if you could engineer some kind of super land scalpel, and used it to carve off the coast, then winnow out LA and SF, California would be a downright decent place to hang your hat.
The Jefferson Initiative has recently made it to the headlines again, but what most people don’t realize that the region has been trying this nearly constantly for 116 years.
It’s a nothing story, but notable for this one quote:

”I looked into it once, but the state and federal provisions for secession make it practically impossible.” — Josephine County Commissioner Simon Hare

Then you’re doing it wrong.


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  1. El Borak said, on June 3, 2014 at 10:21

    One of my buddies here at work is running for Congress, surprisingly (to me, at least) as a GOPublican. He’s the kind of guy who hates concealed carry permits because – he argues – if you don’t ask government approval for your first and third amendment rights, you don’t need to for your second.

    So it looks like I may have to become a Republican again, at least for primary election day.

    • Doom said, on June 3, 2014 at 10:42

      We, essentially, crippled our liberal leviathan here in Utah. We split up the county that had ruled over Salt Lake City (the liberal glob in the center, anyway, that was threatening to take over the rest of the state). We split it into three rural counties that could manage it, and ended the threat. Now to work on tyranny of the courts. One thing at a time.

      It might be easier to split counties, but I don’t know if Cali has enough outlying, in those areas, to rip them down that way. New York, and Cali, if they want decency, may simply have to divorce the big globs and go into separate states. Thing is, the populated areas have the power and need the money, water, and love the power… not going to let go, like a wife who knows she won’t get anything in the divorce but can keep milking while married, with the name, she can get more credit cards. Ain’t going to be easy. Might have to give ‘her’ an offer she can’t refuse. Being soft, it’ll probably be tribute. Liberalism isn’t bright, and might take a huge payoff even if it drastically shorts ‘her’ in the future. Not a nose for numbers, only tomorrow not to some point in the future. Or Cali wouldn’t be in such terrible financial difficulty.

      I doubt “conservative” politicians are that bright or… innovative. And it would be a risk.

  2. Giraffe said, on June 3, 2014 at 13:55

    There’s one guy I’ll vote for today. If he doesn’t win, I’ll likely sit out the general election, unless there’s some pressing ballot initiative like sticking it to the gays again.

  3. kfc said, on June 4, 2014 at 07:49

    The last line is superb. One of the best closers you’ve ever written.

    Also, that dude’s earlobes are wonky.

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