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Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on June 10, 2014



Historically, summer – especially late summer – has been the time when crazy people unleash their inner selves and get on with the business of oversharing with the rest of us. Lately, though, as the Unraveling of the Great Sweater of Western Civilization intensifies, more crazies let loose far earlier than usual, in much greater numbers.
I could easily point to 20 headlines this morning alone to underscore the point and illustrate how its all going away, all of it, piece by piece, and to a certain degree it all gets lost in static because everyone expects the apocalypse to happen overnight. When you wake up the next morning, you’re not pushing Beyond Thunderdome in a Mad-Max style wasteland; you simply brush your teeth and trundle on to work like always, a little lighter in the pocket and a little heavier in the heart, unable to shake the feeling that you’ve just lost a little bit more of something you can’t quite put your finger on but that you know isn’t coming back.
I’m not sure of the exact source or nature of the Crazy dancing around the News Cycle these days. It could easily be the jettisoning of more traditional values; it could be more people already fragile and susceptible to psychological breaks are cracking under the increased pressures of a world in marked decline; it could simply be that the overwhelming preponderance of lies big and small at every turn is too thick to ignore. A lie isn’t just the omission of a truth; it’s the intended subversion of honor, cooperation, decency and responsibility. When just about everything is a lie, nothing really matters; when the sum of all those lies form the fabric of our Civic Order; when lies are institutional and pro forma and simply a matter of course for getting business done, it becomes a lot easier to give up the veneer of civilized life, because that’s all that’s left of it — a hollow facade with nothing behind it.
You don’t need to know the truth to know when you’ve been lied to. In our time and place, they are a part of every interaction with government, media, corporations, law enforcement, charities, Hell, even the people you walk by on the goddamn street, add all of that up and you wonder why people break and no longer seem to give a fuck?
At a very basic level, the truth – good or bad – is the only practical foundation of a stable society, because it is the only thing capable of facilitating mutually beneficial interaction. Honest brokerage between any two men helps induce some semblance of value on the interaction.
At any rate, I only have ideas for why things aren’t working anymore.
Just ideas.
If we make it to the other side of this logjam ride of doom, we’ll all compare notes and see what’s what, deal?


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  1. Doom said, on June 10, 2014 at 22:06


    But… get out of that, literally, God damned city… or at least… Man, that’s killing me. You may not be a brother by blood, but a brother in spirit. Sell, tell the Mrs. hush, and go. If they are still buying top of market you could buy a county in some areas, or at least a home and figure out how to set up a simple moneymaking shop.

    I want my mother here, with me. But then, I know, where she is, she is actually safer. She knows many and all there. It is small, like here, but she grew up and lived there a lifetime. She knows where to get rhubarb and wild asparagus. She knows who she can help, or feed, for help with this, or something else she needs. But you?

    What is wrong comes down to money, it’s value, and the realization that it’s nothing and everything and not available, or useful even if the wallet is stuffed. For the secular, most people, regardless of lipping the lip and playing the devoted follower, it is realizing that there is soon to be nothing for anything, not for them, theirs, or those around them. The hunger has set in before the last meal has gone cold, of various sorts of nourishment. The bottom of the pit is not visible. Most, finally, realize we are falling.

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