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Good Music Friday

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on June 27, 2014

Well, the one thing I’ll say is that it’s definitely summer here; summer in Georgia, what with the humidity.
Heaven help me.
It’s also been quite the trying week for Our Simple Affirmative Action President, he of the bumbling administration that is practically vaudevillain (get it?) in its corrupt ineptness.
Most evil president ever?
Most corrupt administration in history?
You bet.
Can’t even tie their own shoes, what with all the drooling and slobbering over them?
Of course.
Every week is like a new adventure, I tell you.
Do note, also, that the Dead Bankers tally is ticked up a notch.
it’s well and truly on.
Anyway, not much planned for the weekend. I have an idea about something I want to write, but I need to look into it to see if it’s been tackled before.
Other than that, the next two days are all about fighting Mother Nature, as best I can, to an admirable draw. I’ve been reliably informed by the soccer fans that a draw is a Good Thing; so is a loss.
A win?
Anyway, get ’em in, and enjoy the Hell out of the weekend.

Anarchy Burger
Peace Thru Vandalism
The Vandals
Epitaph Records | 1982


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  1. Doom said, on June 27, 2014 at 23:43

    Gosh… I miss my 30’s. 🙂 Might have to have a drink, to memory and with the spirit of your age, angst. Yeah… For some types, I think, aging follows a certain type of thread. I just hope… you don’t further follow my line. Your choice, anarchy boy. :p

  2. El Borak said, on June 28, 2014 at 18:47

    Good Music Saturday

  3. Doom said, on July 1, 2014 at 18:11

    Oh, by the way Huck, I’ve moved you back up to the ‘friends, for my part’ section of my links. Don’t know that you check, but didn’t want you having a panic attack if your link wasn’t were it used to be. I moved you down because you almost disappeared for a while… Didn’t quite want to kick you though. Now that you are solid, posting… Urhm, for what it’s worth. 🙂

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