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The Things Stupid People Won’t Shut Up About

Posted in Robbin' Ur Rainbowz, The Fail Pail by Huckleberry on July 2, 2014

War on...

War on…

For some reason I remain continually amazed at the rhetorical pretzels people are willing to bend around themselves in the service of screaming about things they don’t understand to other people equally eager to misunderstand them.
So we’re entering Day 3 of the Aftermath of The Man (Corporate Edition) sticking their Hobby in women’s Lobby, in direct defiance of the wishes of The Man (Government Edition).
Do I have that right?
I’m being serious, here. I do not understand the ridiculously high level of outrage beyond a mass infantile tantrum played out in a barely literate cacophony of tweets, hashtags and status updates.
Let’s roll through this together, and see if we can figure it out:
The Man (Government Edition) passes a law that, among many other things, requires employers to provide a wide range of birth control, including abortifacients, to all employees both male and female. Yes, every policy must pay for and cover female birth control (and maternity!) even if it’s one that covers a male employee. A little stupid, but good enough for government work.
The Man (Corporate Edition) doesn’t wish to pay for a few of the more religiously objectionable forms of birth control, so it decides to sue citing an already established law that protects against The Man (Government Edition) from forcing anyone to violate his religious conscience.
The Court rules in favor of The Man (Corporate Edition) affirming the validity of the law protecting religious conscience from coercion by The Man (Government Edition).
So naturally following this ruling, the women take to the Social Medias to fling RAGE about how the New Taliban is taking over their bodies, “denying access” to their reproductive rights.
What the fuck am I missing?
Oh, right.
This ruling, while no one really knows it yet, will make all of the Gay H8er Purgings that the Offended Class had scheduled next Fall a little more difficult to maintain.
Onward, then.


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  1. Doom said, on July 2, 2014 at 13:51

    Hmm? Oh, yeah. But, along with a few other rulings, overturned a lower case in one instance and sent a few back to be reviewed in light of the new ruling, it look like the court really is allowing a full spectrum refusal by for-profits refusing just about any level of contraception coverage. So, they really, really, did lose much more than four abortificant forms, depending on the owner’s beliefs. All good, if for no other reason that I don’t believe taxpayers should be supporting a personal choice. Women are born with the first, and only truly functional, birth control. Knees.

    And, how does this affect everyone? Hopefully it cuts down on b.c. Why would that be a general good, even to those who don’t ‘care’? Because that stuff has gotten into the water and the FDA refuses to go after it, and other pharmaceuticals in the water supply. They keep pushing for chemical adherence, and tightening that beyond reason, while ignoring what is really damaging people. Everybody has to drink, many can’t afford their own purification systems. Even most bottled water is just tap water.

    Still, criers will cry. Though I see most outrage as just foolishness, and they know it. Something to get the news cycle to kick around while ignoring that a vet finally got an appointment at the V.A. two years after he died, that the IRS is destroying evidence, and all else that is actually important. I doubt if the criers even take themselves seriously. But… they have a job to do, so…

  2. El Borak said, on July 2, 2014 at 21:19

    FDA refuses to go after it…

    Well with all these people exhaling carbon dioxide and causing global warning, can you blame them? Priorities, man.

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