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Pitch(fork) Perfect And The Rise Of America’s Widdle Class

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on July 3, 2014



A lot has been made these past few years, in the face of our marked decline, of the Roving Bands of the Disgruntled, Wielding Pitchforks and Torches. While trite, the image manages to sum up all of the frustration, anger and rage bubbling beneath the surface of work-a-day life. Nevermind that most people (in the cities, anyway) no longer own pitchforks, a couple of things bear noting.

    1) Whatever prompts the bubbling rage to froth over in the teeming mass of the current crop of the American Widdle Class, it won’t be met with bludgeon instruments but with guillotines, because it will have to be THAT serious.
    2) It’s far more likely that we will not, in fact, rage against the dying of the light, choosing instead to go out with TS Eliot’s famous whimper, because too many factions overlap on too many “issues” to provide any kind of coherent opposition to a concerted chorus of lies by the supposed Ruling Class.

So amid a Standard of Living that is diminishing in every way but the cosmetic, the Grand Army of Retribution that many assume will swarm the streets and set things right simply won’t materialize the way their fantasies play it out. The Decline won’t be staunched by a million pudgy NASCAR dads taking to the streets with plastic safety pitchforks Made in China, even if you could manage to get them all irate enough about the same thing at the same time.
It’s too late.
Too many have invested too much into kicking out the jackstands from underneath the Civic Order, and nothing is going to bring it back. All that’s left is determining the shade of our new collective nightmare, and how much we stand to lose in the meantime.
It isn’t all going to end tomorrow, in a year or in a decade, like the dystopian novels suggest. The conceit of those stories is that the End of it All seems rapid to you, the reader, because you just got there. For the characters it was a long drawn out slog to get from A to B to Done. Inch by inch, crack by crack, the tide of civilization recedes regardless of your attempts to stand astride it begging it to stop. You can either fight the current and get swept out with the tide or roll with the current and get swept out with the tide.
Either way, life won’t be a beach much longer, so knock ‘em back while you still can.
Happy Fourth of July!


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  1. El Borak said, on July 3, 2014 at 11:35

    For the characters it was a long drawn out slog to get from A to B to Done…

    History books are deceiving in that even though you can read of the travails that overtook Rome in about an hour, it was still 200 real years from the Age of Chaos (and the writing was already on the wall then) to to deposition of the last Caesar, Romulus Augustulus, in 476, which we consider the official end of the Empire. Of course, the people in it considered themselves Romans for long after that, We had a pretend Holy Roman Empire for a few centuries, and we still had a Czar and a Kaiser in the previous century.

    It is hard for us to understand sometimes that history took just as long in the past as it does today, and it will take just as long in the future. While someday people may read about the final fall of America, they may not read about one person who experienced it all from beginning of the fall to the final exile of President Herbert Bush Kennedy Clinton III and the fall of the Democratic People’s Republic of California into the sea.

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