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Constitutional Flatulence And The Sick Politics Of The Politically Sick

Posted in Our Simple Affirmative Action President by Huckleberry on August 7, 2014

Famous last words.

Famous last words.

There’s a lot of puckering out there right now about all of the abuses of power and authority by Our Simple Affirmative Action President and his administration, and as the myriad and manifold scandals, blunders and over-reaches have illustrated in the past six years, the puckered aren’t just blowing smoke.
The O-Force is pushing every boundary that gets in his way for the sake of expediency.
And he’s illustrating one of the fundamental flaws with a Rule-of-Law government operating under the auspices and limitations of a foundational charter – it’s only as limiting as those who administer it wish it to be. Attempting to blunt this well-known bug, the Founders set up a tri-partite administration process that played the self-interest of each of the three parties against each other to balance power and mitigate the potential for sweeping abuse of power.
This system, while mostly successful compared to the alternatives, has seen plenty of misuses and abuses – notably Lincoln taking away habeas corpus Because Slavery, and an argument can be made that we never truly got it back. Ask John Tyler about the role of the Imperial Presidency and see what he has to say about checks and balances in the face of a Congress that made him a lame duck pretty much from the get-go.
My point is, the “but checks-and-balances!” canard doesn’t alone justify or condemn any potential abuse or over-reach by one or more of the branches of government. In the same way that THIS IS A GUN-FREE ZONE signs establish a boundary, a guy with a gun is only limited by this to the extent that there’s another guy with a gun willing to hold the first guy off. If the second guy isn’t willing to hold off the first guy, guess what? The GUN-FREE ZONE is only that by habit and nomenclature.
In the “modern era” of contemporary political, ugh, gamesmanship, the tools of asserting checks and balances became very subtle and centered around focusing political heat should one party stray too far toward the other’s boundary. Political heat is little more than the potential ire of, in descending order, 1) other politicians 2) political punditry 3) lobbyists 4) members of the tertiary party to the other two 5) political contributors 6) potential political contributors 7)non-political punditry 8) non-taxpayers and 9) tax-payers.
So what happens when one party simply cares nothing for the subtle remonstration of political heat brought by a conflicting party?
Whining, apparently.
So Our Simple Affirmative Action President has and continues to flagrantly overstep his authority. The subtle gamesmanship tactics usually used to administer the checks that keep all three in relative balance no longer apply.
Luckily, the founding charter explicitly details the procedures with which each party may remonstrate the other without the muss and fuss of a coup. In this case, Congress may take full advantage of its authority to eliminate funding, withhold all duties related to advise & consent, and oh yeah, draft articles of impeachment.
That’s it.
Those are your tools, do as you may.
If you elect not to, don’t cry when Our Affirmative Action President steals your candy.


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  1. El Borak said, on August 7, 2014 at 13:37

    Unfortunately the GOP has been just as bad about ignoring the Constitution as the Dems, and as the bureaucracy, and as the courts. They historically haven’t cared about limits or overstepping them. After all, this is the party that brought you No Child Left Behind, PATRIOT, Medicare Part D, DHS, and blue-gloved granny squeezers. And Reconstruction.

    So if ever they should become genuine concerned about Abuse of Power as a philosophical concept, and should they, out of the pureness of their hearts for only the highest of reasons, attempt to impeach an officeholder or two, the proles could not really be blamed for concluding that the Grand Old Party is acting mostly because they are annoyed that the overstepping is no longer going their way.

  2. El Borak said, on August 8, 2014 at 12:22

    Good Music Friday preview: Now that we’re bombing Iraq again, I hearken you back to a simpler time, when we had a single bogeyman upon which to focus.

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