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We’ll All Be Savages, By And By

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on August 15, 2014

Amazingly, this is not a sign of a healthy civic order, if you can believe it.

Amazingly, this is not a sign of a healthy civic order, if you can believe it.

I didn’t really want to talk much about the Ferguson implosion that’s embroiled The Heartland lo these past few days, but since the damn thing won’t go out, and most everyone, except for the estimable El Borak, has gotten the pertinent issues only half-right, which is another way of saying half-wrong, I guess I’ll have to lay it down.
On the surface, it’s easy to say that the cops are hyped up, curb-stomping dicks, while it’s just as easy to say that the “mostly peaceful” protesters double-fisting Molotov Cocktails are brutish, opportunistic savages who are as mad as Hell and aren’t going to take it anymore, but they will take that 70-inch plasma and that case of hair extensions, thank you very much.
Yet under the surface of those immensely banal observations, suitable for your friendly neighborhood TV news show, exists the crux of the actual problem no one wants to talk about either because they don’t recognize it, or because it’s so much easier and vapid to talk about RACEPOVERTYPRIVILEGESTUPID WHITEY and call it a day. The LAW&ORDER conservatives can dismiss the incident as a bunch of savage hooligans who need to be brought under heel, while the RACEBAITERS of our time can simply paint this sick tableau as the only possible result to out-of-control law enforcement equipped perfectly to re-enact the siege at Sadr City in all its live-fire glory.
But the rioters aren’t JUST savages, and the cops aren’t JUST reactive over-armed thugs.
They are each a product – the only possible product – of a civic order sliding down the south slope of its existence, while the conflict that joins them there on Main Street USA will only escalate in proportion to the velocity of civilization’s slide into the ruins.
Whether they know it or not, each of those “mostly peaceful” protesters has either explicitly or tacitly rejected the one thing that makes a civic order a bona fide civilization – participatory consent – and from there the dénouement is as reliable as the setting sun. And sure, the sun will rise again in the morning, but more out of obligation to a previous inertia rather than to the promise of a better tomorrow.


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  1. Giraffe said, on August 15, 2014 at 14:24

    Have a good weekend, bro. I’m hoping to kill some geese. I can’t imagine how you put up with your fellow sardines in a can without killing something once in awhile.

    • Huckleberry said, on August 21, 2014 at 14:08

      I can’t imagine how you put up with your fellow sardines in a can without killing something once in awhile

      I can shoot all the coyotes I can find wandering around, just as long as I bury ’em deep enough.
      Yes, I did have to get a special permit from the Forestry Service to do so, but still.
      I don’t exactly live down town, you know.

  2. Doom said, on August 20, 2014 at 07:21

    Believe as you will. As is, you are only correct if all societies are equally valid. If they are not, there has to be a winner and losers. And the winners have to make the rules, at least where they exist, where they lay claim, where they choose and can support dominance. As I suggested on my blog, the only way various cultures can live together is if one is dominant. The other culture(s) are stowed away, or worse (by common modern thought). Reservations haven’t worked so well for those in, or out, of them. Cities have shown, such as Detroit, that unregulated intertwining doesn’t work. The two, or more, cultures, cannot coexist. The wealth we used to smooth the ruffles is gone. We are getting down to lean meat, with nothing to share out and no interest in covering the wounds.

    The question, then, becomes, which culture is the one to hold sway. That comes down to the one that is least tribal, most successful in managing everything from assets to real rights to law and order to disasters. Though demographics play a huge part, eventually. Whites have nearly (not) breed themselves out of power. It doesn’t matter what you, I, the pope, or Svengali believes or thinks or says. These things, on their own, tend to themselves. Not always well, as in the case of reservations and Detroit, and Rome several times, Greece, the first Israel, some suggest and to a degree rightly the US, USSR, China… But it does work out, for good or ill.

    I guess, for philosophical reasons, you must choose which culture you believe in, and back it, warts and all, or surrender to relativism. You really can’t pick jazz and law, or libertine and family, or Christian and agnosticism. Which means, if you choose relativism, in America, where you go would define whether you receive justice, whether you can expect property rights to be respected and protected, whether you can even live if you are the wrong color or religion. The choice, really, is that simple. It looks like you are choosing relativism. Is that the case?

    • Huckleberry said, on August 21, 2014 at 13:19

      It looks like you are choosing relativism. Is that the case?

      Relativism is the insistence, despite all evidence to the contrary, that all cultures are equal in both value and merit.
      If I have stated, suggested, hinted at, pointed to, posited, argued either explicitly or coyly, indicated concretely or through metaphor, intimated, detailed or described any such thing here, it’s news to me.
      Pointing out that both sides of a given conflict spring from the decline of the same civilization isn’t relativism, it is what it is.
      As for the American “culture,” since America decided to place it in the Goodwill box for the Mexicans to pick over whatever’s left, its decline and fall should be of little surprise, and should only be mourned in the abstract.
      As with civilizations and tableware, it’s best to wash off the leavings entirely before attempting to sit down for the next meal.

  3. Doom said, on August 22, 2014 at 09:06

    See, my problem with the idea that you aren’t arguing for relativism is that what the police did is necessary for one culture to remain dominant. You can’t have beef without culling the calf. Blood is required, death is required, dirty work is required. What I see of many moderns is some belief that beef can be had without themselves, or anyone else, getting their hands dirty. But declaring a pox upon both houses, your are just as easily seen as blessing both to ruination as if the butcher and the beef were equally to blame for you not being fed in a way that you perceive to be right. A chambray shirt with no seems nor needlework, methinks. A ploy of people who should know better than such treacherous trickery, but who often have looked beyond reason.

    I merely suggest that one is correct, the other is not. Even if the police had been in the wrong, technically, legally, for the tribal and criminal, it isn’t so much about right or wrong, but principal and fear. Some can be governed by consent, some cannot. Those who cannot be ruled by consent must either be ruled by other means, or removed, so as not to damage those who can be ruled by consent. Or, as is the case, allowed to do whatever they wish. I have heard that some of the officers are ashamed that they were ordered to stand down and allow looting. No doubts.

    At this point, perhaps, there is no chance to separate and rule differently. Forget equally. One can no more govern men, women, and children equally than one can can govern different, even contrary, cultures, equally. There is no such thing as separate but equal, or equality itself. If this simple understanding cannot be figured out, and taught, and then applied, then there is no house to save. It is split, and not just once. As any and all can vote, that isn’t likely unless some are “disenfranchised” from a right that was never, constitutionally, theirs. Choices. Tick-tock.

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