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The Diminishing Returns Borne By The Pedestrian Peddlers Of Insipient Influence

Posted in Our Simple Affirmative Action President by Huckleberry on August 19, 2014

No, this thing is not on.

No, this thing is not on.

While I’ve been saying it for a while, but the days of the influence of the “media” as we normally know the term are growing short. While much of the reason exactly as you would imagine – a monolithically liberal point of view doesn’t appeal to ~50% of the audience – there are a few other factors at play. As “entertainment” more and more becomes the sugar to help the medicine go down, and as that medicine gets tougher and tougher to swallow, and as the market for sugar distribution broadens ever more widely, what we know as traditional news will continue to reinvent itself right off the cliff into a much-deserved oblivion.
But c’mon, Huck, surely you don’t think the MEDIA’s influence is just going to disappear. Even you aren’t THAT stupid.
I’ve got news for you, I’m as stupid as I can possibly be.
As to the media, I absolutely believe they are all in on the idea of putting the last president on the liberal throne, because three distinct things are working irrevocably working against them:

    1) Their audience is literally dying away – the median age for cable news viewers is 68, and they aren’t getting any younger. Numbers are dropping for everyone but Fox News, and Fox News is treading water by merely locking up ~50% of a dwindling share, while CNNABCNBCCBSMSNBC all jokey for a slice of the remaining ~50%.
    2) Everyone kind of thinks the news media operates on bad news; this is sort of true, but not quite. While disaster porn is a real thing, and manages to get many, many eyeballs glued to it, those eyeballs quickly go elsewhere after a few hours. The variety of “bad news” we now have on a nightly basis isn’t A Disaster that froths over – it’s just one depressing story after another, news just bad enough to make you shake your head. Set that on simmer for a few days in a row and many more people tune out than tune in, and to be honest the majority is only there for the hot chick doing the weather than anything else.
    3) Technology that facilitates ease-of-access to media, as it proliferates, requires that the gathering, assembly and dissemination of news become a more cost-effective endeavor. Every attempt by the traditional media to establish pay-to-view or pay-to-read has failed spectacularly.
    It’s all going away for them, deservedly so.

It bears noting that while a great many media minds think they helped keep Our Simple Affirmative Action President in the Oval Office, the truth is when it comes to politics, the media’s only remaining influence is whatever it can cause to seep in through the cracks of pop culture for the low-information set. But even this isn’t really that much of anything, because the less one knows about a given thing, the more certain that person becomes that their gut perception of it is unassailable.
As for the future, the only tolerance that the gilded lilies of Millennial generation have for news is a product that must absolutely be pushed through a filter of comedy routines, colorful illustrations and, chiefly, Internet memes.
Good luck.


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  1. El Borak said, on August 19, 2014 at 17:51

    I’m as stupid as I can possibly be.

    And a liar, too, obviously.

    I still giggle that the press goes about its business assuming* that what certain other press organs say is important. There was a time where the opinion pages of the NYT would find their way across the nation, reprinted in other papers, discussed by Serious Men and read by millions who could only afford a poor man’s version of the Times, often itself called the Times.

    Does anyone today actually care what the drones at the NYT think about the issues of the day? Does anyone covet their wisdom or measure competing arguments against their words? Is there a single person in America that holds an opinion in abeyance until he discovers the opinion of the Old Grey Lady? Of course not. See the nowhere crowd cry the nowhere cheers of honor.

    Yet while formerly-influential organs fold and are sold off for $1 plus debts, our aged press organs plow ahead oblivious, completely unaware that they are the informational equivalent of a minor-league ball-team stacked to the rafters with has-beens. They are Catfish Hunter and Rollie Fingers in the information age. They are Hulk Hogan, standing proudly in a WWE ring, while everyone not heading for the concession stands secretly hopes he does not break a hip on national TV by merely stomping his foot.

    The funniest thing about the death of the press is not really the death of the press** but the fact that the press are the only ones not aware of the fact.

    * I hate to say ‘pretending’ as that would assert a level of awareness I doubt they have.
    ** Thought that’s funny enough.

    • Doom said, on August 20, 2014 at 07:32

      I have some notion that what is unfolding isn’t just because of what the press became, but what citizens have become. For decades there was a fight about what is right, wrong, good, bad, legal, illegal, and should or should not be. Once people realized that, no matter what they said, they had no input, they simply stopped being a part of the grand scam that public debate became.

      The ruination of culture, morality, ethics, from top to bottom, cannot be missed. Having politicians say one thing, and almost as a rule do the opposite is just one example. Newsmen have encouraged debate, only to trap, track and hurt, and destroy any who actually debate even the notion that there is a difference between right and wrong. Even the call to war, to fight, and civil strife, was finally seen for what it is. A trap.

      People are simply ignoring, and going on with their lives. They are choosing different things, not allowing others to pull or push them. It is taking some time but I think it is working. In the end, the press is dying for the same reason socialism will. It is being ignored. It can’t be fought, it won’t and can’t be changed, so it has just been sent away. Politicians are feeling it too. An ignored government has no power. A phase or the future only time will tell.

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