Rollin' Like Sisyphus

A Government So Small, It Could Fit On A Deuce-And-A-Half

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on August 27, 2014
Un-American? No, not I.

Un-American? No, not I.

Or to be more pithy, let’s call it the Toby Keith Doctrine.
I’ve mentioned it in passing numerous times, but with this IS/IL/ISIS/ISIL bru-ha-ha getting the “we’ve never seen anything this formidable” treatment from the types of people that are always trying to warn us into military action — WMDs in Iraq, ethnic cleansing in the Balkans, a power-hungry Saddam who couldn’t be stopped, a power-hungry Noriega who couldn’t be stopped, and on and on and on all the way to the Barbary pirates and Jefferson’s gunboats.
Your boot-stompin’, ass-kickin’ super-military is simply not compatible with the “keep your hands of my Medicare” small government that the Tea Partiers keep flapping their bags about. Not only can’t these things live together in civic harmony, they are mutually exclusive.
That super-military leads to an insufferably large government every single time without question.
Every time you say you wish the NSA wasn’t spying on you, or that the IRS wasn’t suppressing your political activity, or that the police would just cool it with the APCs rolling down Main Street, but that you’re totally cool with having a million-man standing army supported by a massive network to direct intelligence, counter-intelligence and clandestine operations around the world, well, I hope you enjoy being perpetually mystified by the ever-expanding Leviathan.
But why is this so?
It’s a reason so simple, I feel dumber for even having to articulate it, but the times being what they are, I suppose there’s little choice in the matter.
In any theater of war, there are multiple fronts, even if there’s only Hot Action on one at any given time.
And there is always the Homefront, as inseparable from the heart of the matter as deli cold cuts were from Mama Cass’ esophageal passage. In fact, in just about any war, the Homefront is where a great deal of the action takes place.
The Homefront must be defended, it must be patrolled and cleared of seditious actors, of foreign agents of espionage, subterfuge and sabotage, of domestic dissenters opposed to the ruling party, and the Homefront must be carefully managed so that material and personnel beneficial to the effort is fostered, while the opposite is suppressed.
And while the old adage that a military is always ready to fight the last war rings true, it misses one important caveat. Add up all of the common denominators in all of a society’s wars and military actions, and the one that appears every damn time is the Homefront, a battlespace planned for and managed in both times of war and peace.


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