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Crackin’ Corn With Jimmy, And Other Pastimes

Posted in The Fail Pail by Huckleberry on August 28, 2014
Don't insult the horses, champ.

Don’t insult the horses, champ.

Let’s just take a quick spin around the State of the World at the moment, perform a quick audit of the findings, and see if we can divine the difference between a hawk and a handsaw:

    1) Economics – We’re broke. Much of the world is shades of broke-to-more-broke than us. The few places that aren’t as broke are at least flirting with destitution in predictable ways. In sum, more dollars growing more worthless by the day are chasing commodities that are growing more scarce by the minute, and everyone sitting around the Monopoly Table of Global Economics is waiting for the banker to go bust.
    2) Health – We’re getting sick, and not just from ebola. A Gambler’s Dozen of old school diseases is making its way back onto the front pages, long after “First World” citizens have passed the threshold from developed immunity to highly susceptible. All of the Classics from the days when doo-wop, cars dipped in chrome and Cold War antics were a thing are back, including polio, rickets, pox both small and chicken, mumps, measles and 39 different varieties of influenza. AND if we manage to put all of that back into a box in the basement, the hyper-sanitization craze of the past couple of decades combined with the over-prescription of anti-biotics for issues that barely require them is giving rise to the threat of multiple pandemics that can’t be treated. Combine all of that with a healthcare system already choking on rising costs, dwindling talent and resources, and an overbearing bureaucracy that will soon be more interested in having you die than live, well, it should be a dabba-doo time.
    3) Governance – I could drone on for 1,000 words about the petty, overbearing incompetence of the current mélange of governments, but I’ll let this say everything there is to say:

    News accounts from England reveal that over 1,400 children in the borough of Rotherham were systematically brutalized over the past decade. The authors of this damning report indicate that the actual number is likely much higher. The report also details gang rapes of 11 year-olds. Children doused in gasoline and threatened with matches. A “grooming” process that entails addicting children to drugs. Children murdered, others missing. Local police have known about this for over ten years. So have all manner of child welfare authorities and local government officials. They convened conferences to discuss it. They combatted it with guidelines and policies. They bravely met for many hours, and boldly authored internal memos. … Rotherham police came upon children being sexually exploited—in some cases, in the very instance of being raped—and arrested no one. The perpetrators are Pakistani; they might call us racists. The children seemed to consent. These gangs are violent.

    4) Prevailing Mood – Few feel safe even in their own hometowns. Just about every facet of quotidian life seems little more than four-grit sandpaper grinding down our existence into a fine powder. National borders are an abstraction. The people that have spent their entire lives insisting that violence never solves anything continually capitulate to primal violence at every opportunity. If you have even a token, nominal interest in the perseverance of the quaint ideas fostered by Western civilization, there is not one single structure of power or influence on the face of the Earth that wants anything more from you than to go away and never come back.

I can’t speak for y’all, but I for one would love my times to be a little less interesting.
We were promised that history had ended.
I want my money back.


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    • Huckleberry said, on August 29, 2014 at 11:22

      apparently modern military doctrine dictates that you step in and give them a common enemy

      Of course.
      Geopolitics just isn’t fun if you’re going to play it on the lowest difficulty setting.

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