Rollin' Like Sisyphus

Armies Without Borders

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on September 3, 2014

Past the gates.

Past the gates.

As El Borak notes, the convention of nation-states delineated with clear borders defining specific jurisdictions is a novelty of a civilized world quickly fading into history before our very eyes. The ISIS/ISIL/IS/IL cohort is the first legit military organization without any nation-state underlying it to come on the scene in centuries, and their rise is a handy glimpse of what tomorrow may look like in a former nation-state near you.
And it isn’t just the ISIS group. Similar state-less militia groups are sweeping across the Arab world, toppling existing government structures wherever they’re found.
So of course most people watching this unfold want a response from the Civilized World, demanding a “plan” or “strategy” from the leaders of Western nations to stop this “existential” threat to a particular way of life.
The problem is, ISIS and the like aren’t causing the decline, they aren’t even contributing to it much. They are simply an inevitable symptom of an irreversible decay. If it weren’t these rabble, it’d be a different rabble.
Because governments around the globe are ripe for the toppling, and there’s good money to be had in the pursuit.
For example, ISIS, as it swept through Iraq, garnered enough in resources and material that it clears a couple million dollars US each month – which is some serious scratch when you consider that most nation-state armies are a net drain on the nation-state’s resources, rather than a direct revenue generation outfit.
So what’s to be done?
Wipe ‘em out if you a) can and b) need a reason to feel better about your own nation-state’s prospects, but understand that it will not staunch the hemorrhaging of a civilized world descending into a Hobbesian nightmare of barbarism and discord, and what rises up from those ashes will be even more difficult to topple in a handful of years.
It goes without saying that the folly of such hysterics bothered by ISIS beheading a single journalist on the other side of the planet, lamenting such an “existential” threat as that, actively encourages the very decline that precipitates the conflict through mass immigration here at home.
That’s not a strategy, it’s an emotional reaction.
As for the strategy and tactics employed by this force, someone somewhere in the recent past has effectively taught them a great deal about offensive and defensive OPS, and a cynic who vividly remembers the adamance with which Our Simple Affirmative Action President wanted to ally with this same force last year to topple the government(s) that it ultimately ended up toppling, well, if it comes out that a clandestine effort to train and equip this super force took place in the fall of 2013, I wouldn’t be shocked.
So which way do you see the winds blowing, toward the optimist or the cynic?


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