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Good Music Friday

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on October 24, 2014

Nothing like waking up on a Friday morning, bleary and punch-drunk, without so much as a drop of alcohol having entered your system, after having watched your football team lose its second crucial division game in four days.
Pointlessness is the point of that complaint, in case you were curious.
So it’s Friday.
Blink a few times, take a nap, before you know it you’re tumbling straight through Monday.
But that’s my problem.
So what’s up for the weekend?
It’s Harvest Time here at Casa de Huckleberry, plucking the persimmon trees of all their devilish fruit before the marauding swarms of parrots descend upon us in a Hitchcockian nightmare of feathers, blood and guano.
California, baby.
Beats New York, though, which if I have it right just confirmed a new ebola case – a doctor who also apparently didn’t follow all of the protocols – and it’s looking like the idiot went bowling in rented shoes the night before he was rushed to the hospital.
So nothing to worry about.
For the recipe, we’re going to go with a simple snack for bacon lovers, and the music is, well, it is what it is.
Have a great weekend, and get ‘em in.

Bacon Bites

All you need is several bacon slices and an equal number of bread sticks or those pretzel stick things, some seasonings, and some drawn butter..
So simple.
Take an uncooked bacon slice and wrap it around a bread stick or a pretzel stick. Do this for all.
Season with Lawry’s salt or a decent pork dry rub, then coat lightly with drawn butter.
Heat up the grill and shoot for about 325 – you want indirect heat so keep the coals on one side or use only one burner.
Place the bacon-wrapped on the grill, cover, and let them cook for about 45 minutes.
When they’re done, let ‘em cool down for about 5 minutes and serve.
Hit ‘em with some Tabasco or Tapitio sauce if you want some heat, or dip ‘em in ranch if you want to flirt with an infarction.

Song Selection

Lawless & Lulu
DreamWorks | 1999


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  1. El Borak said, on October 24, 2014 at 12:56

    I’ve got some jalapeno sauce that might go good with that as well…

    So, just when you thought Ebola was gone, Ebola is back. No doubt we can throw 70 health care professionals and half a million dollars* at each of a few individual cases. So there is that. But viral stubbornness necessitates my GMF contribution this week, courtesy of Rainbow.

    not to mention presidential hugs

  2. Doom said, on October 25, 2014 at 10:37

    Off topic, but… You seem to be slacking on your hobby. Here is a bit more to help you keep up. Or, did I miss the score change and just remember the number incorrectly?

    Something I think that may be missed is that, aside from… mundane… influences, there is more. The last pope was gearing up, creating a position in every region, an exorcist, possibly team of them, and a network for that group of men. Men who get that involved with things of flesh often become prime targets. In some cases, it isn’t a choice to get to some level of things. Or at least it opens the doors when gold is favored over any regard for lives, or anything else, really. Just a thought.

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