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Wherein Huckleberry Reminds You That It’s All Going Away

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on October 30, 2014
Going, going...

Going, going…

Let’s call the prevailing social mood, for lack of a better term, autumnal.
We’re not dead, but the best days may well be behind us for a bit.
Don’t know how things are where you’re at, but here it’s a shitload of dead cops, dead teens, dead elderly, dead gangbangers – going out both through intentional malfeasance and delinquent misfortune. Though technically in LA, I live on the outermost edge of it, and it’s usually pretty quiet. Yet the past few weeks has been nothing but blaring sirens, police helicopters, drive bys and hit-and-runs.
Five minutes of watching the local news displays a similar and sudden uptick.
The national mood is dismal, the local mood is angered fearfulness.
Seems I’ve heard an ancient Chinese curse on this topic, once upon a time.
Anyway, not much more I want to say other than keep your head on a swivel out there.
It’ll be winter soon enough.


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  1. Doom said, on October 30, 2014 at 17:53

    Yeah. Luckily, and honestly, I live in a huge neighborhood. The county, as a whole, is more like Mayberry, if in part because there is both a heavy (but sedate to the right kinds) leo presence, and a proliferation of firearms, and willingness to use those, among the unofficial leos (us). It’s still hairy. College kids are realizing they aren’t going anywhere. Their hopes of working at a desk, in air conditioning, with the worst part of their experience being that they have to be very careful around the women they work with, is dead. They are the danger. Drugs, crime, white hate and wealth jealous for anyone who has five dollars in their pocket… But they are surrounded by a very forcefully teaching community of men, and women who know their place but also how to use a gun.

    So… yeah. And yet, I keep my eyes on everything, these days, more than usual. Strangers, illegal aliens, gangs, and other such, stray through thinking sedate means easy once in a while, beside the crash at the U. Honestly, though, I think this area is as good as it gets. I do keep you and yours in prayer. Be ready to get and go before the opportunity is gone. God helps him who helps himself. Can’t do much for turkeys that walk onto the range with a god complex, the bill of rights, the constitution, and a pocket full of dollars and ideas, but without the will or way to simply survive. Yum!

    I do love turkey, by the way. Had it just last week. Probably a different topic. :p

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