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No, ‘Ebola’ Isn’t Journalist Jargon For Poli-Media Collusion Intended To Sway One Party’s Political Fortunes

Posted in The Fail Pail by Huckleberry on November 6, 2014
Infection rate maximum...

Infection rate maximum…


The number of people under “active monitoring” for Ebola symptoms has increased from 117 on Monday to 357 people Wednesday, health officials said. The vast majority of those being monitored arrived in New York City within the past 21 days from the three Ebola-affected countries, the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation said in a statement

Sure, they say “no signs of the infection”, which is great news, but the only currently successful treatment regimen relies upon the math remaining favorable:

Authorities also said Spencer’s condition also continues to improve. The latest good news about Spencer comes just four days after health officials upgraded his condition from “serious but stable” to “stable.” Spencer received a plasma transfusion from the second American Ebola patient, Nancy Writebol, on Oct. 25, according to SIM, the Christian organization that Writebol worked with before she was admitted to Emory University Hospital in August

As long as the ratio between recently and successfully treated and those needing to be treated remains roughly 1:1, great; if the rate of the infected begins to outpace the number of treated on anything higher than a slope of .5, good night, sister. It’s back to the drawing board.
The worst scenario, actually, is for the current strain(s) of ebola to go dormant and disappear for a few more years, as they are wont to do. When it flares back up down the road, assuming it’s still responsive to heightened human antibodies, there won’t be any freshly treated people to transfuse, especially when all those people from Guatemala and Paraguay get here to go work at Facebook.


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  1. Doom said, on November 7, 2014 at 00:21

    I simply have no doubts that they are actively trying to cause ebola to spread in America and Europe. Governments, of some sorts, or parts of them, want it. Pick your reasons for why they want it, if they do. Lots of possible reasons. Doctors want it, because they believe that is the only way to get .gov to give them enough money for new types of cures, with anti-biotics and such medicines having reached a point where they are becoming ineffective at some, supposedly, serious rate on other things. Beware the educated men with their hands out. Perhaps they believe they can control it. What could go wrong with a bunch of doctors playing god? Corps won’t do it because there is too much risk and very little reward. Who gets sick, for the most part? Who sues? How many companies have wrongly been put out of business, one over a fake boob fake series of lawsuits. As for the scientific community, beside something new and deadly to play with, weaponize, and threaten the world with, they seem to believe there are too many people on the planet. While ebola wouldn’t completely fix that, it could give their 70-90% reduction a good start. Even a 30% die-off would allow them to assess their theories and figure out how to continue the cull from that point. Yeah, I think they have the collective will to murder a third or more of the world. No God, no matter. Business.

    Now that it is here, I think there is no chance of getting rid of it. That is why that doctor and nurse refused to stay at home. They very much meant to spread it. As you and others suggested, the disease has a way of going dormant, then coming back. It seems to come back with a lot more bite though. I still think it is being engineered in the interim, then released fresh. Russia? China? Sure. But they certainly aren’t the only ones, or even the best at it. I also believe they have little interest in eliminating the little guys. They need them, and most of them are extremely well heeled at this point. However, if it really is simply going dormant, perhaps after being on a surface for a time it simply dries to the point that it hibernates, either way really, it’s here. It’s just a ticking bomb at this point.

    I’ve been thinking about preps. Civilians won’t be able to get that gear, if they don’t have it. And if it does become airborne, the gig is up. You can’t live in a reverse pressure suit, or afford to modify your home to that extent. Most of us can’t. Gas masks won’t work, and aren’t usable 24/7 either. However, a few more years and suits might become available. I am just not sure they work that well even now. Especially if the thing naturally, or unnaturally, mutates as it has been doing. Every three years, or so? I would definitely not want to be living in a city with a major airport. Then again, if stories of them hiding cases, your city may already be infected, treating patients flown in from around the country or from overseas.

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