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The Problem With Science

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on November 11, 2014
No good question goes unpunished...

No good question goes unpunished…

Summed up in a word, the problem is Scientists, but let’s see if we can delve just a shade deeper, lazy and barely liminal explications being chiefly what this blog is known for providing.
The first misconception is that Science provides answers. It does not. Science isn’t a grab-bag of answers, nor is it The Answer to any good question you may find yourself wrestling with in the dark solitude of a quiet night. In fact, at every level Science is the maddening understanding that every question worth asking is propagatory almost to the point that the quality of an inquiry is directly correlated with the complexity of the family-tree of questions descended from it. If you have, in the pursuit of Science, somehow stumbled upon anything resembling a firm and concrete answer that settles a given matter entirely, you have failed as both a practitioner of Science and as a participant in the Human Race.
But wait just a damn minute, Huck. Science answers questions. How in the Hell could you ever write a text book full of questions and no answers? How in the Hell do you get to the Moon with a pocket-full of unsolved equations? Have you gone absolutely daft, man?
The short answer is, what do you think?
Look, when you’re standing at a place and time where “consensus” on a given issue trumps all other forms of evidence; when a frightening percentage of professional Scientists can’t even grapple with the basic maths attendant to their areas of supposed expertise; when the preponderance of contemporary knowledge consists of theories about theories about theories; when the Scientists themselves can you look you in the eye and tell you that they know with a reasonable degree of certitude about a wide range of things when all of their observations and hypotheses leave enough wiggle room to allow the possibility that existence itself might not even exist, well, brother, you’re out in the tall grass with an empty glass of iced tea.
In truth, “answers” uttered with any degree of certainty are best left to the dilettantes and the philosophers rather than the Scientists.
It should not go unnoticed that the great conceit of the 20th century is flipping the script and making it seem as though the Scientists dealt with answers while the Philosophers wrestled with questions when nothing could be further from the truth.
Or Truth, even.


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