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Shall We Play A Game?

Posted in The Fail Pail by Huckleberry on November 12, 2014
That last one sounds like a blast...

That last one sounds like a blast…

Admittedly, GamerGate completely fell off of my radar about 38 seconds after the original story broke that a supposed “developer” of poor repute was trading on her sex for favorable coverage. In the meantime, apparently, the Milquetoast Mafia tried to cow the gamers with a screeching media frenzy that had successfully brought down everyone from the CEO of Mozilla to Bono. As the Twitter Tempest surpassed Gale force, it took a while for the participants to realize that their target, far from being cowed, instead responded in kind.
Almost like they were playing a game.
It should go without saying that I am not a gamer. Playing the occasional NCAA Football 2002 or Call of Duty: Big Red One on the original Xbox doesn’t count, and I accept that. But it also goes without saying that this isn’t about video games at all, much in the same way that the Civil War wasn’t about slavery, or even Slavery.
This is about drawing a line in the sand against a crazed mob of immature snowflakes, coddled beyond redemption and inculcated in an environment predicated on everyone getting a trophy for simply show up and complaining about being empty handed. This type of mob cannot be reasoned with; no accord of peace or mutual understanding can be reached with a group seeking only the excuse to be offended again and again and again.
The fortunate thing is that victory is easy – simply outlast them; do not blink; keep on keeping on while they fling their ridiculous hashtags and op-eds that no self-respecting people read anyway.
I am not a gamer, and to be honest I’m utterly bored of this thing on the finer details, but if this ridiculous kerfuffle can motivate a person as bored and not-invested as myself into action, well, I don’t like their chances at all.

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  1. El Borak said, on November 12, 2014 at 13:48

    Plus, SJWs are worth fighting any time they venture out of their hidey holes.

  2. Doom said, on November 14, 2014 at 02:36

    It seems we followed the same trajectory regarding gamergate. Meh, then bleh, then a third take. I have a dog in that race, though. Still, at first it sounded like just some nebulous… something.

    My problem isn’t with interest. I have been hollering about this for a decade and an half, as you have started to complain about sports. After fifteen to twenty years of shouting and grumbling I’m just a little horse (or big, but… not of voice? never mind). I spouted at Vox that, while it’s find to hold the line, I can’t support unless I see action. And, really, i am not seeing it.

    You see, where you and I differ, is that I don’t want them to hold the line, stare them down, keep them out. I want them to throw the battle flags into their midst and have the front line of our side go mad and rip into their lines to get our flags back. I want blood, I want heads on pikes, I want scalps and body part trophies (not literally, mostly). I want to terrify the rabbits back to their burrows, and burn some of those out anyway. Can’t get them all, but we can restore a balance and keep them huddled and afraid. I’m not even grumpy about it now. It’s just a new game! Though rabbit stew sounds good.

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