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Coming Soon To A Barrio Near You

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on November 18, 2014
I can hardly wait...

I can hardly wait…

Some would say that I’m being cynical by insisting that replacing one population with another could lead to a less-than-desirable atmosphere of criminality, corruption, intimidation and fear. Others may insist that such is just an unfortunate byproduct of “doing the right thing.”
I, of course, simply note that the coming shift in the prevailing culture is the intended goal rather than a bothersome byproduct for both the Democrats and Republicans who supposedly disagree on the matter.
The future is now:

A citizen journalist who spoke out against organised crime in her city was allegedly killed by drug traffickers who used her own Twitter account to announce her death, according to reports. Dr María del Rosario Fuentes Rubio from Reynosa, Mexico, was brutally killed and her kidnappers hacked into her Twitter account to post a photo of her bloody, lifeless body. This was accompanied by a series of tweets, which started by saying: ‘Friends and family, my real name is María del Rosario Fuentes Rubio. I am a physician. Today my life has reached its end.’ The second warns others to close their accounts and says: ‘Do not make the same mistake I did.’

And what was the good doctor’s mistake?
Simply giving others a heads-up when cartel warfare was breaking out in her neighborhood, not to rat out to the corrupt police, but so that her neighbors wouldn’t blunder into the crossfire:

She was known for tweeting under the name Felina and @Miut3 handle with the hashtag #reynosafollow to warn others about crime in her city, which has a reputation for corruption. Her Twitter account was once used to share information about possible shootouts within the heavy gang and drug cartel community, but has since been suspended.

So clearly she had to die.
But don’t worry, the vaunted Mexican government is on the case:

The Tamaulipas state prosecutor’s office says it is investigating whether Dr Fuentes Rubio has been killed after being reported kidnapped by a gunman on Thursday.

“Whether she has been killed” despite her “bloody, lifeless body” being photographed and posted to her own Twitter account.
Now, before all the hemming and hawing, I’m willing to stipulate that our current government’s enamoration with turning into Mexico isn’t so much a product of evil as it is a product of laziness, but regardless of the motive, it portends a world none of the Harvard-educated social engineers are prepared to experience first-hand.


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  1. El Borak said, on November 18, 2014 at 14:05

    Amazing how multiculturalists* don’t believe that different cultures produce different outputs.

    * Like the monbattess who got her car stolen in #Ferguson today while attending a Fuck tha Police rally. I wonder whom she called for help.

  2. Doom said, on November 18, 2014 at 20:20

    Oh, it’s evil. The intent by our government is evil, I have zero doubt about that. Laziness, corruption, ineptitude… those are just some of the tools and about all they can muster anyway. They are destroyers, consumers, thieves, not builders or makers or creators.

    And, don’t you worry about those social engineers. They wouldn’t be bringing about hell without having access to gated communities and their heads so far up Satan’s ass, that they think they will be immune (or simply don’t care). No, most of them, the ones with real power or access to it, will not be soiled by what they inflict on the rest of us. And, even so… sacrifices must be made.

    Didn’t you watch a Clockwork Orange? Or read 1984, or Animal Farm? I am thinking those were less a warning, given when they came out, and by whom, than a roadmap. Oh, and go see Mad Maxx if you haven’t. The rest of the Maxx line not so much, but that one, yeah.

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