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Good Music Friday — Rivalry Week Super Showdown

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on November 21, 2014

It’s Rivalry Week in many places throughout the country this weekend, and tomorrow’s game pits my UCLA Bruins against the feckless, ridiculous and treacherous Trojan Condoms out of USC. It’s a big game around these parts, always has been even when we had two (2!) professional NFL teams – Rivalry Week is a big fucking deal in the Southland, and I argue one of the only Big Fucking Deals we have.
As such, Casa de Huckleberry is usually a fluster with some kind of activity, though this year looks to be less so. The Wife will be out, the USC neighbors have long since moved away, many of friends are USC alum or hangers-on and have declined this year’s invitation due to, and I quote, “my vulgar and frankly untoward victory dance” that caps off the evening should UCLA win the day.
So this Saturday’s kickoff will go like they used to go, a few buddies, an ice chest of beer, pork shoulder fresh out of the smoker, ready for sandwiches, and a game that I desperately hope I still enjoy in stunning high definition.
For the Vikings fans among you, watch the above video and see your team’s number-1 2014 draft pick thoroughly annihilate Matt Barkley’s football career in one swift hit.
My victory dance may be vulgar, but it is certainly well-earned.
For the recipe, I’ll post exactly what I’m making starting (very) early tomorrow morning, the same thing I make every year for Rivalry Week – pork shoulder. Fun fact, my interest for BBQ springs from this recipe I first began, maybe, 20 years ago for this game. This recipe is simple, probably a little too bland and nothing special, but it’s my first and it’s just what I do when USC is on the Bruin’s slate.
As for the game itself, it all depends on which UCLA team shows up – the team that can dominate ranked contenders like ASU and Arizona, or the team that almost got whacked by AAC-basement dwelling Memphis.
Firing on all cylinders: UCLA 44, USC 28
Sputtering and skidding sideways fully ablaze due to its Pinto-esque design: USC 38, UCLA 31

Rivalry Week Pork Shoulder


Full pork picnic shoulder
Several cups water
1 can Dr. Pepper
3 cups apple juice
Mrs. Dash (yes, really)


Heat up your smoker to temp – 225 – then place a water tray filled with the Dr. Pepper and one or two cups of water. Place the pork shoulder directly on the rack and dribble some of the apple juice over it. Close up the smoker and let it go – check your temp, the fire and the water level every couple of hours. Also dribble on apple juice each time you check it. Cook about 1.5 to 2 hours per pound – when the pork shoulder’s about 75% of the way through its cooking cycle, take it off the grate, wrap it in foil, fill it with the remaining apple juice. Finish the cooking cycle, then take the wrapped shoulder off out of the smoker. Either vent the top of the foil or open it up completely and let the shoulder rest about 1 hour.
Place in a large bowl and shred away, tossing the bones as you go.
Serve on potato buns with slaw, sauce and chips on the side.
I hope your Saturday is as epic as mine. Get ‘em in.

Song Selection

Sons of Westwood
As Performed by the UCLA Marching Orchestra
Kelley James | 1965


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  1. El Borak said, on November 21, 2014 at 09:56

    I haven’t heard a good fight song in forever. Hell, we don’t even play ours here. But this one had that ‘cold Friday night in high school’ sound. Which was cool.

    So anyway, as promised, while we enjoy the sounds and smell of the fall of Numinor, how about a little rodeo*?

    pronounced RO-de-oh in these parts, son

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