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Huckleberry, The Cops, And Macho College Dude Populism

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline, The Fail Pail by Huckleberry on November 26, 2014
Ready for a show...

Ready for a show…

So once again I must explain, as Doom puts it, my Macho College Dude Populism (dude, have you been to college lately? Macho is one of the last adjectives I’d reach for when describing it) wherein I contend that the police who have reached Tech Level 5 with the Full Armament Pack are as much a part of the problem as the shiftless, useless mélange of dimwits, race baiters, looters and other assorted Anarchists-for-Big-Government just looking for any excuse to let loose.
First off, I have never, ever seen a single police officer protect or serve anyone or anything in a riot, protest or civil disturbance in any way, shape or form.
To wit:

Skip to about 1:25 and see to whom the ultimate responsibility for the protection of your life and property belong. The cops are much like the thugs on the opposite side of the barricade in that neither is willing to engage without sufficient number to overwhelm their antagonist – you’ll see five cops happily engage a lone agitator with gleeful abandon, but when the numbers are any less than that ratio of superiority, you’re on your own, Taxpayer.
Look, I live in a neighborhood where the ghetto is the one thing standing between me and the nearest LAPD presence – a new neighbor a few months ago called 911 to report a robbery in progress in her home, and it took the police 44 minutes to respond. I have no illusions that the police will even show up if the neighborhood is descended upon by a roving mob of professional agitators, and even if they did respond, they wouldn’t do anything beyond watching it all burn down. And they could just as easily stand and watch the action without pretending they’re dragoons in the 7th Air Cavalry Division.
And dollars to donuts, I feel more comfortable with the gangbangers than the police because at least with the gangbangers I have a fighting chance.
The police are not your protectors.
They are not your friends.
They are not public servants, and in many more cases than should be allowed by law, they don’t even solve crimes. I mean, not really.
They exist to tax you off the books, and to taze you when you get out of line so long as they outnumber you at the time of the tazing.


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  1. Doom said, on November 26, 2014 at 19:18

    I love it when this humble (arrogant loudmouth, if through an attempt at righteous anger… let us be honest) fool… grabs attention just for a second. As to the convoluted term, when adding macho to the rest, the obvious conclusion is exactly what you drew. If I had called it queer machismo, would that have been better? Never mind. It was meant to sting and, perhaps, confuse. Maybe even stun. All I meant by it was to toast some feet.

    And, while what you say about the police is true where you live, it isn’t true where I live. The difference? Black lives are considered more important than white lives, or oriental life. Mexicans, on the other hand, aren’t so on board with that. You never hear about that, because the media knows, either way with that, they will lose. Blacks are protected by white politicians of a certain bent, but Mexicans will cut their f*cking throats, much as Italians do, and did much more frequently back in the day until it all smoothed out to a financial transaction.

    Where I live, the cops wouldn’t even bother with political correctness. Nor would they interfere with me ignoring a city and liberal notion. You have chosen to live in a place that is ruled by idiocracy. I have chosen to live in a world that is based on the simple facts that there is good and evil, and good must be supported. Oh, they tried to corrupt through power concentration in Salt Lake City. But the state intervened, then again. First by limiting city and county ordinances to those of the state, then splitting up that county, spreading it’s power into diluted factions of much larger rural counties. Not that it is all hunky-dory here, exactly. Just that it is better. Government, small or large, is evil. A necessary evil, when, or if, or while, it works. No more, no less.

    Gah! Blathering. Still… glad I got your attention, hope I cleared some things up, and yeah… I’m still praying for you and yorn. Keep them locked and loaded. God only helps them that helps themselves. Even here, I don’t depend on the cops. If I don’t completely depend on myself either. But I do live in a place where the balance is very right.

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