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I’m Sorry, It Seems I Left My Privilege In My Other Pants, Will You Take A Rain Check?

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on December 4, 2014

Check and check!

Check and check!

It seems that the Embattled Race and/or Gender Heroes of Our Time are determined to double-down on the idea of Privilege as Pubic* Enemy #1 in the latest iteration of the war for a culture that is already long lost.
The problem is, of course, this “Privilege” and its purported benefits are vague and not understand even by those who went to college to learn all about it in all its vast specificity. Yet despite all of the debt and degrees, “Privilege” is little more than an amorphous catch-all symbol that gathers a swath of irreconcilable ignorance into a concept that those adverse to abstract thought can easily process without getting a headache; kind of like how millions of junior high school students learn about irrational numbers for the first time. Unfortunately, combine the passage of time with feeble intellectual capacity, and “Privilege” becomes just another in a long line of totems that only hold meaning as long as those who wish to employ it have someone else to blame for all of their own troubles and inadequacies.
So what is this Privilege?
Ask a black man and he’ll tell me it’s all about a biased White Power Structure keepin’ him down.
But that can’t be true, says the white female, because privilege is a dynamic of the Male Power Structure, to which the black man is a part, so it’s primarily about gender.
Neither of them can tell you anything specific about it, for the simple fact that it doesn’t exist.
Having a “nice” home is not a cool perk of being born into a White and/or Male Power Structure; I work way too long and far too hard at a bunch of different jobs for that to even be remotely true, yet this “Privilege” totem persists and I suppose that is inevitable when we’re talking about segments of the population with little pedigree in self-reliance and personal responsibility. But like the Cargo Cultists with whom they share cultural and intellectual lineage, since no one has shown up to give them the nicest stuff, the prevailing Power Structure must be racist and/or sexist, because it seems only the white males have the nicest stuff.
Oh, and the Oreos who sold out.
Wait, you mean it’s about persecution by the law based on race?
Ask Kelly Thomas how far his white privilege carried him in the administration of law enforcement.
There has been no better time in history or place in the world to be either a female or a member of a so-called “minority group” than right here and right now.
If you are a female in Western society, all of the engines of the media are revving for your attention; from the cradle to the grave, you will be overly flattered, endlessly placated and patronized in pursuit of your dollars and support, and yet it’s not enough. Despite white men being vilified and beclowned in ways big and small for decades, every negative thing that happens to a black man or a white woman is a direct result of my** Privilege.
It’s been a Privilege to offend you.
* Not a typo
** Let me see — 25% Mexican, 25% Apache, 25% Irish, 25% Lithuanian. Try as you might, you just can’t fight that kind of Historic Privilege…


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  1. El Borak said, on December 4, 2014 at 17:33

    English, Irish, French, German, Dutch, Polish, French-Canadian and (rumored*) Seneca. And I have a penis.** So I have rented an airplane hangar for my white male privilege, yet the alarm still rings at 6:15. Maybe I’m not doing it right.

    * my grandpappy gave up genealogy when he hit that wild card. And when he found out we weren’t Scottish, merely Irish, he never played his bagpipe 8-tracks again.
    ** not an epic one, I guess, but I would not trade it for a mess of pottage, either..

  2. Doom said, on December 4, 2014 at 23:45

    French, Spaniard (through Mexico), Lakota, and Navajo. Dick trumps all. And I like it that way. I thought about other, once. It wasn’t the orchiectomy that scared me, but the partial lobotomy. So… I understand where women, and other “minorities”, are coming from, through reverse engineering from a look down a different path. It was all a lie, much as what they base their grievances upon. For one thing, none of them are minorities in the world population. There are more women than men, and more blacks than whites. That is something else that never comes up.

    I don’t have much, but what I have I have martialed, once I realized I wasn’t going to die imminently. I would have had more, I was interested in hard work. And thinking. Neither alone will get you too far. But I have always supported making it. Blacks, especially one who focused and learned white shit, could do quite well. Though… that may be coming to an end as people tire and allowances, even tolerance, end. Whites are seeing, from Zero and Holder, that blacks cannot be trusted, and should only be feared. The media, squawking about black criminals being killed while being criminal, but ignoring the slaughter of whites by blacks, is coming back to haunt. It’s all coming apart. Won’t be good. Could have been better. And I don’t think women are going to like the choices they have in time, either. Segregation, by sex and skin color… or war.

    I have never seen what a large group of women do, all alone. They seem to like each other less than they like men. Then again, they can’t maintain a society, infrastructure, and such. Buttons and bows, even today, like or not. Equality is pure fiction. Blacks don’t seem to get past loin clothes without someone to tell them that there is better. Still, their hate is cute. If you don’t take it seriously, that is, or give it room to grow. *quash* If one of the “oppressed” is with a group of ilk for example, and tries to stop you in traffic, run them over. It’s the only way they learn, and not worth your life, or even putting yourself at their mercy. Quash it, I mean it.

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