Rollin' Like Sisyphus

Lettin’ It Roll

Posted in The Fail Pail by Huckleberry on December 17, 2014

So we’re all good with Cuba again, the First Lady is going on about “slave culture” because someone who didn’t recognize her at Target asked the extremely tall woman to reach something off the top shelf, so of course we’re all neo-confederate racists, two 20th century superpowers are now engaged in a pretty epic bout of economic warfare, we’ve found life on Mars for the hundredth time but probably not really, hackers have put in considerable effort to get a not-funny movie scrapped, we’re suffering more Millennial fools who don’t want to be bothered with exams and would rather expend 10 times the effort to get out of taking them, a woman desperately seeking the attention of a man at college concocts a fake suitor, then claims a fake rape, then claims a fake gang rape, then embarks on an insane crusade to tell the world about it, police helicopters have been running near non-stop for the past month around here, and Our Simple Affirmative Action President can’t even sack up enough to call his executive action anything more than a “memorandum” of guidelines.
So instead of pondering too hard on any of that, I’m going to pop the bourbon a little early and watch funny Top Gear clips.


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