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Win, Lose Or Draw

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on January 7, 2015
You tell me how it ends...

Tell me how it ends…

So they’ve come for the cartoonists…
It may be helpful, in the spirit of fully circumscribing the story, to tell it from all possible angles; I’m reliably informed by the liberals that all points of view are equivalent.
So let’s have at it:

The Mainstream Media

Gunmen of indeterminate number and motives storm the HQ of a satirical magazine in Paris, with both crazed abandon and military precision. The armed supermen had dangerous assault rifles that we’re told are AK-47s, and they also had a rocket launcher, even though no rockets were launched. The gunmen of indeterminate number and motives made a daring escape through the streets of central Paris, firing wildly everywhere in a military way, with focus and determination.
They are still at large.

The Alex Jones Show

This is a false flag, folks, plain and simple. We all know the Globalists met up at Bilderberg and agreed to re-ratify Agenda 21 and that means they need to kill 90% of us so the call came in from Bush Sr. recuperating at Bohemian Grove to get black ops on payroll, teach them French, good French, dose them with re-uptake inhibitors and create a false-flag war because they said “tell them it was Al Qaida in Yemen” so it was really a detachment of Legionnaires deployed out of Chad by way Algiers, French Algiers, and they say there were three of them but only two show up on video so obviously this has to do with GMOs and they’re coming to get me, folks, they really are, but I’m not going down without a fight, folks, I’m really not.
Now let me tell you about Real Male Vitality products…

Our Simple Affirmative Action President

In response to continued provocation by the descendants of Western Colonialism, brave Mujahedeen struck back against the defamers of the Prophet, slaughtering them in their own halls of apostasy. These warriors share both my Muslim faith and a deep roiling contempt for Western civiliza
We’re, uh, not sure what the motives, um, of these gunmen were, or, ah, if there were even gunmen at all. We, um, must attempt to, ah, reserve judgment, um, until all of the facts, ah, are in. Let me be clear. Um, we, ah, stand with, uh, France and the, um French, er, people.

Advocates of the Toby Keith Doctrine

Put a boot in their ass! Bomb them! Invade something already!

’Peaceful’ Muslim Community

Rollin’ Like Sisyphus – The Official Take

A civilization in decline, as it’s outposts turn inward, opens itself to attack on many more fronts than one would initially think. Despite the insistence that this attack was about cartoons, it really wasn’t – if the motive wasn’t the cartoons, it would have been something else. This is about a declared enemy taking advantage of a (correctly) perceived weakness.
I’m going to let you in on a secret here – the biggest obstacle to overcoming the hordes that wish this civilization a speedy demise is not the hordes themselves; it’s the governments that comprise this civilization, however nominally, providing unwitting assistance to its own enemies in the stubborn allegiance to its own failed philosophies. These philosophies are drowning in self-loathing decadence of the kind only mustered by the dilettantes and dastards who wield influence disproportionate to their number and counter to any possible mandate of the masses over whom they claim domain. Any attempt at reprisal by ordinary citizens will be met with much harsher force than any shown to the initial attackers, for it’s one thing to take advantage of a weakness in the name of a “sympathetic cause”; it’s another thing entirely to defy the prevailing governing philosophy in the name of “hate” and “intolerance.”
There will be more of this to come, of course, and not just from the Muslims. As more weaknesses become obvious, and the more clear it becomes that this civilization’s blood is in the water, this and worse will come from all corners both foreign and domestic, greater in frequency, intensity and audacity.
It’s worth noting that we’re not even into Week 2 of 2015 yet.
51 weeks to go!


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