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Good Music Friday

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline, Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on January 16, 2015

We’ve reached a real finish line this week, ladies and gentlemen, at least to the extent that the week seemed like a race – a death race at that.
Still under the weather, just in time for the weather here to be mighty fine. Might just drag my sick ass to the beach and soak up some 75-degree Global Climate Change.
The story of the week, of course, is just how thoroughly the Party of You GOPPERs will fold like cheap European currency on comprehensive immigration reform. Backchatter already indicates the “et tu, Brutus” moment is nigh, with Republicans walking back all the tough talk about using DHS funding as a crowbar to beat Our Simple Affirmative Action President back from all the lines in the sand they keep drawing. The retreat, they insist, is about ensuring national security because shit’s going crazy across the pond. So full funding for you, DHS, and we’ll just go ahead and nationalize 11-15 million illegals, of whom we know nothing and cannot be even remotely sure that they pose no security risk themselves.
It takes either incredible mental incompetence or a supreme disregard for the basic intelligence of the average American to say that we’ll allow the extra-constitutional flooding of the country with millions of unaccountable illegals because we need to ensure our national security.
You know, it’s a good thing that bourbon is great for relieving cold and flu symptoms, because here I go.
Have a great weekend and get ‘em in.

Gun Chalk

I have a bit of a conundrum.
My wife tried out the Walther P99 at the range a few months ago, and hasn’t been able to shut up about it since. She’s been carrying my old Taurus 66 – at my insistence because it’s a damn reliable gun that I’d trust her life with – but I guess she’s getting over it. She wants something new, doesn’t particularly dig revolvers and the P99 has really caught her fancy.
I’m unsure. Like the below video reviewer, I fired five rounds and hated the trigger. I’ve also heard quite a few bad stories of jams and stovepipes at inopportune times (not that there’s really ever an opportune time, but still) and its 9mm so I’ve got doubts about it up and down. I’m leaning toward getting her the P99, but insisting she stick with the Taurus as her carry piece. She can have all the fun she wants at the range, but I just don’t trust the P99.
Any of y’all have two cents on this you’d like to share?

Song Selection

Ice Cream Man
Live Performance
Van Halen
Whiskey A Go Go, Hollywood, CA | 1977


4 Responses

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  1. Giraffe said, on January 16, 2015 at 12:02

    Love VH.

    I don’t hate on 9mm. It may not be a .45, but you aren’t exactly unarmed with one. Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice, so the extra rounds may make up for any differential in stopping power. The best gun for defense is the one you have with you so portability is a big consideration.

    What is always most important is where you hit them. So if she shoots a particular gun well, then that’s the one to carry, within reason, and practice shooting under stress to make sure.

    I don’t know anything about the handgun in question, but if she likes that one, there is probably a different model/brand that has a good reputation for reliability that is nearly identical.

    Anyway, I don’t claim any expertise with handguns. I live in SD, where the buffalo roam. I generally don’t carry on my person but have a long gun or three in my car.

    Have a good weekend.

    • Huckleberry said, on January 19, 2015 at 11:13

      I’m not too much of a handgun guy either — I have two, she has one. Most of my stock is shotguns and rifles (and knives and swords and one bitchin’ new boomerang) but I do love going to the range and trying out a different pistol every time I go.

  2. doomdigit said, on January 16, 2015 at 20:26

    “a death race at that”

    Hand grenade.

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