Rollin' Like Sisyphus

High Standards Of Low Villainy

Posted in The Fail Pail by Huckleberry on January 23, 2015

It bears noting that we’re barely three weeks into 2015 and we’ve already seen 5 bankers whose deaths qualify for the Dead Bankers tally. At this pace 2015 may shatter last year’s prodigious mark.
Some may call me callous for doing this; surely bankers are people too, some would insist.
Don’t believe it.
To be human, first one must have a soul, and these “people” had no such thing.
Chief among all of their crimes against humanity, I present this as Exhibit A:

You can't do this to food with anything resembling good conscience...

You can’t do this to food with anything resembling an eternal human soul…

It’s bad enough their juggling act with the world’s financial mechanisms is ill-conceived and poorly executed and weaponizing misery in a way that would make the Soviets blush with envy. But to do this to food and call it a “hot dog” is just beyond the pale.
Look at that thing.
Just what in the Hell is that thing?
They deserve every awful pitfall that comes their way.
This sorry spectacle has convinced me.


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