Rollin' Like Sisyphus

The Lost Art Of Pagan Sacrifice

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on February 11, 2015
Soon enough...

Soon enough…

A real newsman goes away because he told fake stories about real events, while a fake newsman also goes away, one who also told fake stories about real events. The main difference between them, I suppose, is the successful application of satire, but it’s funny how similar the two clowns are, while the esteem in which each is now being held couldn’t be more contraposed.
For everyone that had to suffer through grade school with teachers who derisively pointed their finger at history declaring how unbelievable and unimaginable it was that human sacrifice was a prevalent feature of cultures long gone by, yet here we are, at a place and time where all of the same human characteristics work in the exact same ways – the animal spirits must be appeased, whether through ripping the still-beating heart out of a frightened virgin on the steps of the Blood Shrine to Quetzalcoatl, or ripping someone’s livelihood to death with 1,001 hashtags. And make no mistake, while media both mass and social makes the latter almost compulsory, the former isn’t too far around the corner – blood lust must be sated, and we’ll find out what that means soon enough.
I think it’s hilarious, however, that for all the clownish buffoonery passed off as news by Williams and dozens of others exactly like Williams, the whole thing is crashing down around his head not for any of the lies that matter, but for a few specific lies that don’t matter at all.
Thus the sacrifice, hoping that the Big Yet Inconsequential whets the appetites of the Fates who govern such things, so that the rest of the herd can go on telling all of the lies that do matter with a full heart and a clear conscience.
All that is to say that, while abhorrent, I understand the blood lust of our pagan predecessors more clearly with each passing day, and soon so will you…


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