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Quote Of The Week

Posted in Quote of the Week by Huckleberry on February 12, 2015

If any standards of judgment at all are to survive our current cultural reductiveness, then we need to reassert that high literature is exactly that, an aesthetic achievement, and not state propaganda. I know of no more dismal contemporary comedy than the revolutionary pretenses of our academics, who persuade themselves that they speak for the insulted and injured of the world by denying the aesthetic primacy of Shakespeare, or by insisting that aesthetic eminence of any sort is merely a capitalistic mystification. Unable to be Nietzsche, who has made them all belated, our Resenters do not wish to merely re-proclaim the Death of God, they turn instead to proclaiming what can only be called the Death of Shakespeare.

— Harold Bloom, The Anxiety of Influence (1997)


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