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Good Music Friday

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on February 20, 2015

Ready for it.
I would love nothing more than to just sleep for the next 55 hours or so, but alas, that doesn’t seem in the offing.
So I’ll just drink instead.
It’s supposed to actually rain here for once, so I don’t know how much I’m getting done outside. It’s probably for the best, I really have to clean out the office and tend to the extensive paperwork necessary to keep Casa de Huckleberry humming along.
One weird thing. The Raiders and Chargers announced that they were going in halfsies on a new stadium in the middle of warehouses and refineries, which seems about as good of an idea as forcing the Bloods and the Crips to share a frat house, Coke and Pepsi to share a can or conservatives and liberals to share a government.
It’s probably just a ploy to get a better deal somewhere else; I still have an Irwindale Raiders shirt from when I was maybe 8 years old that attests to how stupid these grand plans ultimately become.
Anyway, have a bitchin’ weekend and get ‘em in.

Gun Chalk

Because tanks.

Song Selection

Get Outta My Way
Epitaph Records | 1993


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  1. Giraffe said, on February 20, 2015 at 13:00

    I watched all the episodes of greatest tank battles on netfilx with my daughter. I was kinda surprised at what a deathtrap the Shermans were. We had vastly inferior tanks and won by shear numbers and force of will.

    I always wondered why different teams couldn’t share a stadium. But i mean baseball and football. It may not be ideal but a stadium is 2 billion dollars for crying out loud. It worked for a long time and then the Twins need their own park and then the Vikings need a new one too. And the Gophers have a new park too, I think. Seems like some sharing could easily have happened and a lot of money saved. What the hay, the taxpayer will foot the bill. The trend has been less sharing.

    But two NFL teams in the same stadium? Well, sounds like it’s asking for trouble if they schedule two games the same day, like an early one and a late one. Otherwise, sounds like a brilliant idea.

  2. El Borak said, on February 20, 2015 at 13:55

    …the taxpayer will foot the bill. Yup, everyone wants more, more, more.

    Man, I don’t miss 80s hair. Hair metal, just not hair, so much.

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