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Bombs On Your Moms: A Doctrine More Foreign Than Domestic

Posted in Our Simple Affirmative Action President by Huckleberry on March 2, 2015
Red alert.

Red alert.

So Our Simple Affirmative Action President, who has dithered with any form of aggressive action against Syrian Rebels, Libyan Rebels, Iranians, Iraqis, Afghans, Egyptian Rebels, Yemeni Rebels, Nigerian Rebels, along with Muslim Terrorists in France, Denmark, Sweden and the United States, has a bit of a reputation in the public consciousness as an uninterested borderline pacifist when it comes to foreign affairs.
Perhaps it’s just the cynic in me, but this aspect of his Presidential character doesn’t seem to be entirely universal.
Especially if you happen to be a declared enemy of one of the aforementioned groups:

An explosive report in a Kuwaiti newspaper claims that President Obama thwarted an Israeli plan to attack Iran’s nuclear weapons program in 2014 by threatening to order American military forces to shoot down the Israeli jets.

Of course.
While this is certainly not the best sourcing one could hope for with a story like this, it also bears noting that stories like this will only ever appear through sourcing like this, because our own media, such as it is, will never look for these kinds of stories, will actively work to bury these kinds of stories wherever possible, and will only acknowledge them after being forced to do so by the overwhelming avalanche of reality.
The O-Force is the same kind of warmongering thug all the rest have been, except his enemies are more easily found in the U.S. Allies section of the Presidential Spreadsheet of Kickin’ Ass. Whether this is true or not, it certainly reads true and that alone says far more than anything else.


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