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Good Music Friday

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on March 6, 2015

Some Fridays you’re ready for the weekend, other Fridays the weekend sort of sneaks up on you, and every once in a while, you’ll get a Friday like today where you’re basically running for your life.
I cannot even tell you how much I plan to drink tonight when this is all said and done.
And remember, through an act of Congress, you’re only getting 47 hours of a weekend, so God Bless America.
Nothing much on the slate except annoying the neighbors with noise and BBQ.
Get ‘em in and have a great weekend.

Gun Chalk

An honest review, but I’ll go ahead and just say my piece now: it’s the X D.

Song Selection

Whiskey, You’re The Devil
Come Fill Your Glass With Us : Irish Songs of Drinking & Blackguarding
Tommy Makem & The Clancy Brothers
Tradition Records | 1959


2 Responses

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  1. Doom said, on March 6, 2015 at 22:02

    Do you have either? I don’t have an m, but I do have the xd. I compared it, at the time, with the glock. Just for my hand, liked the xd better. The price was close enough that one or the other didn’t matter. And, while I have played as an xd fanboy, I am done with that. I merely suggest you handle, perhaps shoot, both. Then decide from that. I do believe, at this point, that both are just fine. I only, as I said, suggest you see what fits your hand the best. Ignore fanboys, figure out how each works if the feel is the same. An xd has a beavertail safety, the glock doesn’t, for example. I prefer the safety, if more because it’s a feature all .45’s I had shot before had it. And, for noobs, it’s a good thing, I think. I don’t need it personally, but I like it. I carry it around my home, locked and loaded, without a holster (can’t fit pajamas, or wear a belt, in pajamas). Yes, I do take it to the bathroom with me, for showering or other. Just the way I am. So it’s nice that I can carry it in such a way that it won’t go off, not just a trigger thing.

    Oh, and good music, again! Or, well, I’m just giving that a solid. A true song, too. Not that… the warning will necessarily be heeded. Reminds me, I need to buy a couple of cases of Tullamore Dew, for stocks. But… rotation, rotation, rotation! And a case of Everclear (merely for medicine, that stuff is too much even for me). Love the Dew though. Devil take me, but I do.

  2. Giraffe said, on March 9, 2015 at 09:05

    My brother has an XDm. I don’t really care for it. I’ve never fired a Glock. I don’t like a DA trigger pull, but I see some advantages to that sort of system. My compromise is a DA/SA, by I’m not sure that is the best way to go either.

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