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Good Music Friday

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on April 10, 2015

For whatever reason I can handle the all-too-quick arrival of Friday when I didn’t start the week till Wednesday. It’s like getting a head start to the worst race of all time. It also helps that I greet the weekend with open arms, nothing but pleasant weather as far as the 10-day forecast can see. I’ve also got real baseball that I can’t watch on TV, which doesn’t bother me at all, bourbon, and the Great Chase trying to hunt down a usable non-toxic 55 gallon drum. I’m just about to break down and buy an overpriced one from a re-seller just to get on with the damn thing.
But that’s my weekend.
I note out in the world, Granny Clinton is prepping her bid for President. I couldn’t get it together in time for today, but next week’s music selection will be a Special Event to mark the occasion properly.
So tune in for that.
I also note that my State of California, ever the math geniuses, are insisting that homeowners drastically cut back on water use because the State of California is going over the cliff in record time.
Now let’s cut some numbers, just for fun.
The State of California now demands that 15% of the state’s water users cut 25% of its usage under threat of penalties, while 85% of the state’s water users face no restrictions whatsoever – and are in fact encouraged to continue current levels of consumption.
I guess the question is who is in each category?
Well, the 85% is comprised of farmers, vintners, frackers, and state agencies.
The 15% is comprised of small businesses and homeowners.
So I’m sure that while I’m not watering my lawn or trees, I’ll save the world while the frackers and farmers and state agencies are flushing nearly 7 million gallons of freshwater down the drain each and every day. And of course all of the propaganda is trying to get that 15% to snitch each other out at every possible opportunity, and the gullible millennial lunatics here are biting hook, line and sinker.
California is the dustbin of lunatics.
Anyway, I’m going to go drink now. Have a bitchin’ weekend and get ‘em in.

Song Selection

Give Peace A Kick In The Face
…And The Saga Begins
The Righteous
Chapter Eleven Records | 2000


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  1. El Borak said, on April 10, 2015 at 13:31

    On the schedule is yard work as far as the eye can see. Backyard grass grew about a foot this week, compliments of the rain we’ve had every night since Sunday and the sun every day. So the lovely and gracious Rogue will get to ride her brand new mower, while I all-but-finish the moving of a couple tons of gravel to strategic locations all around the driveway. Actually, I’ll be lucky if I get a quarter of it moved.

    I’ve decided to try the Three Sisters this year in Rogue’s corn bed. While I’ll lay out the whole thing at No Zombies, the good news is that it demands dead fish. That means I have to go fishing. Oh, it’s the hard knock life, for us!

    • Huckleberry said, on April 10, 2015 at 14:43

      I’ve always wanted a riding mower — and enough land to justify its use.
      Yeah the neighbor across the way is going to try some corn this season — I don’t like his chances with the drought conditions, but we’ll see.
      And I don’t go fishing nearly often enough. Haven’t been in three years maybe?
      It’s a damn shame, though the only fish to be had around here anymore is smallmouth bass, unless you want to go to the rivers, then you have a decent shot at salmon. Haven’t hardly seen a brook trout since I was a kid.
      Most people here go ocean fishing, but I never much took to it. Spend a few hundred on licenses, permits and the boat rental service just to hit the water, then you end up with a half-pound perch and an ocean sunburn for your trouble.
      How’s the fishing in your parts?

  2. El Borak said, on April 10, 2015 at 17:38

    How’s the fishing in your parts?

    Got my own pond, so I spend a couple hundred nothings on licenses and can catch all the largemouth bass and crappie I want. It’s not wholly idyllic; while I have the largest crappie I’ve ever seen, the bass are stunted. Which is ironic, I suppose, as I stocked crappie and bass together hoping the latter would eat the former and get big. Just too damned many of them, I guess. If I had to stock it over I’d find something else to go with crappie. They’re good eating.

    So we’ll take out the rowboat and catch a 5-gallon bucket full over the course of a few lazy hours. Large crappie go in the pan, small go back in the water. Large bass go in the water,* small ones get buried under a kernel of corn, a bean, and a squash seed. Circle of life, baby.

    I don’t fish Kansas’ public lakes. Too many gar and drum and carp for me, not enough of what I would actually eat. I’ve never taken to catfish, though I have family that swears by it. Instead, sometimes late on clear nights when the bullfrog croaks float across the moon-lit ripples, I miss northern pike something fierce.

    * theoretically. I have yet to catch one over 3 pounds.

  3. Giraffe said, on April 11, 2015 at 13:06

    Fishing here is awesome. Walleyes, yellow perch, northern pike. In the east half of the state anyway. Out west they got trout. Which if you grew up on walleyes you don’t really see the point.

    Of course, I developed some sort of allergy to said fish, so I don’t fish much.

    • El Borak said, on April 11, 2015 at 18:57

      Yeah, all things considered I really prefer fishing north of Minneapolis than south.

  4. El Borak said, on April 13, 2015 at 07:56

    A Short Primer on Social Disposition | In Progress…

    Just sayin’

    • Huckleberry said, on April 13, 2015 at 14:34

      I did manage to finish that one, though admittedly I forgot I wrote it, and never updated the link.
      But yes, I do need to get back to writing this.

      • El Borak said, on April 13, 2015 at 18:36

        Ah, yes. A fine piece of work that is. Never mind my maunderings. Carry on.

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