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This World Is Beginning To Give Me Indigestion

Posted in A Chronicle Of Decline by Huckleberry on May 4, 2015
By the fingernails.

By the fingernails.

So a pair of “Muslim Converts” had a great idea to go shoot up a free-speech Blaspheme-Islam event.
In Texas.
Unlike recent such successes in France, England, Denmark and throughout the Middle East, this one ended pretty much the way I expect many such attempts on US soil to end, with two dead gunmen and not much else.
Judging from the, ahem, media coverage, though, you’d think the event organizers dragged the two “Muslim Converts” to the event, stuffed loaded guns into their hands and forced them to open fire on the event.
For those keeping score at home, note that it’s beyond the pale to host an event for yourself and likeminded folk that blasphemes a religion and greatly offends the practitioners of that religion, even though no practitioners of that religion are likely to be present at the event, or involved with it in any way. Should those practitioners take up weapons and head over to the event and slaughter all the offenders in attendance, well, the offenders had it coming. However, if you are minding your own business and the organizers of an event that blasphemes your religion come to you demanding that you participate, well, just bake them the fucking cake, you inbred fundie.
I offer that just in case you need a snapshot of where we are, though I assume y’all already sadly know.
It’s also worth noting that had this event set up shop in LA or New York or some place similar, the cops would have shut it down before the “Muslim Converts” finished punching the address into their GPS. You don’t need to see the prayer tower to smell the dhimmitude, and a flag doesn’t need a crescent moon to tell you which way the wind is blowing.


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  1. doomdigit said, on May 4, 2015 at 21:45

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