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Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on May 8, 2015

Look, Ma, its Friday!
No hands!
Enjoy this poor man’s eternity while it lasts, friends, where it’s Friday, and Friday, and Friday, like Zeno’s Paradox as performance art. You’ll stumble through your last Friday someday, and you probably won’t even know enough to savor it properly.
Thus is the curse of mortal living.
If you enjoy UK politics as much as I do, you probably also didn’t realize there was an election there yesterday, notable over here mostly I guess because the Left party lost and the Right party won, or something. Digging a little deeper, I see that there are something like five major Left parties, and two Right parties, meaning the votes of the Left were redistributed more widely than those of the Right. So it’s not like they’ve re-animated Thatcher from the dead or anything, the British Isles are still keeling Left and should continue to do so unfettered.
Wait just one goddamn minute, Huck. The Right won! In England! That’s a big fucking deal!
Is it?
By my observations, a Torie in England is about six and a half steps to the Left of any Democrat we have here.
And the Conservatives won?
Instructive, at any rate, to show where politics in this country is heading, with everything getting carried to the left and the Conservatives bringing up the rear of the caravan.
If that’s your good news, I won’t begrudge you that, except to say you’re completely wrong, you doddering fool.
Closer to home, I notice the resolute fascination with JOBS.
The one data point that the neo-feudal Keynesians discuss most fervently as vital to their model is JOBS – How many jobs were Created Or Saved this month over last? How many Officially Unemployed Americans are in the Official Economy as a percentage, Officially? Adjusted per capita, are there More Jobs or Fewer Jobs now than X number of years ago?
And so on.
Yet for all the focus and fascination about JOBS, none of them, not a one, seems to care all that much about the details. They don’t really care all that much about what types of JOBS are created, who gets hired to fill those JOBS, or any robust analysis of the trends involved. Headlines need to blare the Overall Unemployment Rate for the month, a statistical estimate of the number of JOBS “created” for the month, rounded to the nearest thousand, and a quick paragraph that indicates if this is GOOD or BAD for the 1) President 2) Democrats 3) The Media-Politico Class 4) The Neo-Feudal Keynesian Economy and 5) You, in that order. Usually the last part gets cut for space considerations.
To make sure that the story they desperately want to tell gets told, the books get cooked over a couple of times, which is bad when it happens to data, and even worse when it happens to statistical estimates of data. It’s not even real numbers or concrete statistics; it’s a supposedly informed guess by government-paid lackeys without the chops to hack it in more interesting fields of study, so lets all go work at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, make guesses about things, stuff those guesses into Excel and see what comes out.
Long story short, April’s JOBS numbers came out today, and despite the fact that nearly 30 percent of the United States population is NOT IN THE WORKFORCE, the Official Unemployment Rate dropped to 5.4%
That, friends, is Government Work in a nutshell.
So I’m going to go drink some now, and some more later.
Kick some ass this weekend, and get ‘em in.

Song Selection

The Mob Rules
Mob Rules
Black Sabbath
Vertigo Records | 1981


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  1. Doom said, on May 9, 2015 at 00:36

    Going definitely old school. Dio with Sabbath? Noice.

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