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Good Music Friday

Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on May 29, 2015

Squinting through ruined eyes the man looked out upon the devastation that lay behind him; scattered debris littered across a field of charred, ashen craters. In the distance stood one partial wall of a building, the building from which he began this treacherous journey, jutting out from the ruins and cast against the visage of the wasteland that stretched beyond the horizon. The crumpled, jagged wall strained for separation against the fallow ground, standing in impotent rebuke to the pull of its own demise.
“Friday,” the man muttered, slowly turning away from the wrecked, retched landscape.
“Fucking Friday.”
So how was your week?
It’s been a gauntlet here, even for a short week following a “holiday” and everything.
The weather’s finally starting to warm up, so I’m looking forward to spending a lot of the weekend outdoors in some capacity. Because nothing here has had the chance to go dormant due to the weird oscillation between spring and summer over and over again for the past four or so years, all of the fruit trees have been cranking out yields – at least three a year – and I’ve noticed the quality of the fruit is beginning to diminish. Also, this ramped up cycling is surely cutting years off the end of fruit-bearing lives of these trees, which kind of pisses me off a little.
A little.
Out in the world, I note that despite the best book-cookers history has ever known using the best book-cooking technology humanity has ever witnessed, they couldn’t keep the Official Government Numbers from dropping below the Mendoza Line, and we’re now OFFICIALLY NEGATIVE with a 0.7% contraction in the phony number they use to make bankers feel good about life. Bet your ass they outright lie to ensure that next quarter’s phony number is above the line just so the journalists don’t have to bend themselves into pretzels trying to spin RECESSION into SUMMER OF RECOVERY
Ten days after “bikers” tore up the parking lot of a Waco, Texas Breastaraunt, “bikers” prepare to get in the face of Muslims in Phoenix following Friday prayers, and if this seems a little too convenient of a setup, well, you and I are on the same page. Check back to see how that turns out.
While a bunch of Smart People seem to fear that the rise of AI will lead to the extermination of the human race because the AI will reason we are a threat to it, it bears noting that the most likely scenario is one in which the AI exterminates the human race simply because it didn’t know it was there, such as the case where the self-driving Volvo (the world’s safest car) plowed into a group of journalists because it wasn’t programmed to distinguish between people and a vacuum. Or, possibly, the AI didn’t consider journalists to be human, which is a conclusion I could hardly fault the AI from drawing.
Grab yourself a much-deserved drink or 12 and enjoy the Hell out of the weekend.
It’ll be Monday before you know it.

Song Selection

Trying to find an SJW that doesn’t have some sort of deviant predilection for or preoccupation with rape is getting tough.
So in that spirit, I offer this week’s song selection.

Rape Train
Pulling The Plug
Alex Story
S/R | 2013


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