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An Open Letter To The Warriors Of Social Justice

Posted in The Fail Pail by Huckleberry on June 8, 2015
It's true, you know...

Tell it to the Whigs.

First, let’s get one niggling matter of nomenclature out of the way:
You aren’t warriors. You aren’t Che’s Revenge, nor are you the Change We’ve Been Waiting For.
You are clowns.
You are fragile, insecure clowns clinging to the chalk outlines of your self-esteem. The “cutting edge” of any great movement has never, ever, demanded that “safe spaces” be provided in reaction to words being spoken that you are under no obligation to hear.
This is not violence.
This is not “Othering” you.
I get it.
You feel the tug of everything you’ve ever been promised being slipped out from beneath your feet. It’s a valid fear because in truth that is exactly what’s happening. But the force doing the tugging isn’t White Males and their privilege, The Man, the man, or anything else.
It’s simply stone cold reality that is about to flip you upside-down, because what you don’t know but are beginning to sense, those promises are lies; checks written by those whose asses possessed insufficient funds to honor.
You were told that you were special. You were told that you are a unique gift to the world, just like all the others. You were told you get a trophy just for showing up and being you. You were told that your feelings are the most important thing in all of Creation, and that all the difficulties you encounter are the fault of someone else.
From the cradle to where you sit, slouched over your iPad, the institutions that have most governed your life have reinforced these notions continuously. In days gone by, “college” was where the young shed the follies of youth and began to engage ideas at a higher level of discourse. However, for your entire experience in post-secondary education, all of the lazy habits and naval-gazing of your youth continue unabated. Not because impoverished thought and emotional gold-bricking are superior pedagogical methodologies, but because without ever realizing it, you are a customer in a capitalist dynamic dressed in the tattered rags of a neo-fuedal post-Marxism facade; you are (or to be more accurate, will be) paying your institution of higher learning a considerable amount of money for most of the rest of your life, because no good business stops itself from catering to its customers’ desires and deficiencies for something as ephemeral as a belief system.
All well and good, you say.
So what, you say.
The problem comes when you are no longer being catered to as a paying customer. Your appeals to a belief system founded on incoherent philosophies matter to no one, because even among yourselves you simply can’t articulate what you’re after. “Social Justice” is a trite turn of phrase that means nothing in practical terms; your customer service representatives professors used it as a cudgel to rail incoherently against white males in every way they can think of to secure tenure and four years of your money at five digits per.
In short, you are not a victim of Patriarchy or Privilege or Post-Colonialism.
You are a victim only of your own short-sighted desire to be lied to without end, but I’m sorry to say that end is much more near than you’d like to think.
Good luck.


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  1. El Borak said, on June 9, 2015 at 06:02

    That photo shoot is the gift that keeps on giving.

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