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Posted in Good Music Friday by Huckleberry on June 12, 2015

You know, I think we’re almost at the point where, if the weeks keep accelerating, I’ll be able to stretch my arms out just wide enough to touch fingers with myself both from last Friday, today, and next Friday in some kind of Poor Man’s Infinity Loop. And if there’s anything this blog should be known for, it’s doin’ it the poor man’s way in all things.
Instead of being hot and dry and apocalyptic, the Spring has been wet, cool and apocalyptic.
So we have that as we head into the final week of the season.
Not much going on ‘round these parts aside from that. As mentioned in the last post, I’ve declared Drinking Time a little early today, because fuck it. Been trying to get some writing done but I keep getting distracted by rubbernecking all of the day’s SJW train wrecks and oddly the destructive and bankrupt philosophies of the 20th century that precipitated our decline just feel like they can wait till tomorrow.
I note that, once again, as soon as a government scandal starts to break through, something stupid happens somewhere to distract everyone – this time it seems to be a white woman using the full weight of her privilege to live and work as a black civil rights activist. So much so, she faked a black father, a black son, life in a Montana teepee, and a series of hate crimes, you know, for street cred.
Related to this, we’re learning in real time that everything in the human condition is fluid and malleable, in a constant state of flux flapping along on the vagaries of the thoughtfeels of grown children. Of course, the one thing that isn’t fluid is white male cis-privilege – you’re stuck with that, cretins.
The Internets are aflutter with the puffy wheezing of SJWs losing their breaths trying to defend themselves from their own words and actions. Like this bipedal land whale calling herself Lindy West.
Good lord.
She insists that she “makes men cry” but I can only assume it’s through the convoluted process of the gravitational lensing of light that occurs as it bends to the mass curvature of space-time in her immediate vicinity.
Or, as the late, great Bane would say, “MOOOOOOOO”.
Ordinarily I wouldn’t ask, but in the interest of safety, are those canckles load-bearing?
Eh, not important I guess.
Anyway, watch the fat white woman use the full weight of her privilege — which is not insubstantial — to choke down a package of wrongly colored Oreos. It’s clear she prefers her Oreos to be black on the outside and white on the inside, if you know what I mean and I think you do.
And if you don’t, I mean she prefers blacks who act white to whites who act asian and native american, apparently.

It’s just a social construct, yo.
Just don’t call it Patriarchy.
But clearly from the video you can see the wit and superior intellect that has charmed the world.
OK. I’m gonna call it here.
Have a great weekend and get ‘em in.

Song Selection

Working Man
Rush S/T
Moon Records | 1974


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  1. El Borak said, on June 12, 2015 at 19:43

    While I prefer Fly By Night as the best pre Moving Pictures album, Rush’s first album was pretty good. Is there a rap song that similarly celebrates the travails of getting up at 7, yea, and going to work at 9? Hmm, weird.

    distracted by rubbernecking all of the day’s SJW train wrecks…

    Me, too. As today was a day of converting security menus from the old system to the new*, and of analyzing code for crap to archive/delete rather than to maintain as infinitum, it was also a day for shitposting the Rachel whatever hashtag. SJWs never did mount a coherent defense against #WrongSkin, unless “nuh-uh” is considered coherent, and it was about the funnest Twit thing since Feminism was banned in a Time mag poll so it couldn’t be banned in a Time mag poll. If the trolls have a god, surely his name is Elfwick.

    In any case, I’m about to head out to the sunroom to listen to the dulcet sounds of tonight’s thunderstorm. After all, it is Friday. Be well.

    *i.e. 10-year-old

  2. Doom said, on June 13, 2015 at 04:03

    Stop, drop, and laugh. Humor is such a useful tool. When people reject reality, so long as you can keep them far enough from you, or escape, laughter is what is left. Well, that’s my plug anyway. Some people, like you, El, Vox, and some others… I can usually laugh with. Others? No choice. At. Sometimes myself, but that means it’s time to get back with the program. Same with losing any sense of humor. Just a thought, or set of them. No charge. (Either way, I hope.)

    Hmm… Drinking? Did someone say something along the lines of alcohol?!? Gosh, after I get some things done, I’ll have to get in and get some. Just beer. A case or three, but only, maybe, one for tonight. Thanks for the minder! Got a new cup to break in, and a hankering.

  3. kfc said, on June 23, 2015 at 10:00

    Is she someone I should have heard of? Is she really even worth recapping? I looked at her Twitter page. ZZZ… I couldn’t get past minute one of that video. Please don’t tell me how it ends.

  4. Huckleberry said, on June 23, 2015 at 10:20

    Please don’t tell me how it ends

    The Oreos lose.

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